Little time attack challenge for the community. -- Ferrari 312t

I had a player asking me for a tune for an “All around tune good enough for the leaderboard” for the Ferrari 312t.
While tuning for that player a noticed that his skill didnt seem “on par” with what he was aiming for.

So I wanted to know if the car is what I think it is.

The car: Ferrari 312t
The setup: V3 or V4 Creator: Drows24
Track: Prague Full.

Time to beat:

I want to be sure its the driver skill before telling him :stuck_out_tongue:
Only difference between v3 and v4 is less rear downforce on v4(As asked by the user then)

I dont do it for the credits, so if you wanna run it in test drive, I dont mind.

I will give this a try when I switch on my Xbox later

Alright, I just bought the car and tried it out with your v3 tune for the first time. I don’t normally race carts and I’m still not that great at prague but I just finished lap 4 at 1:49.882. To give you an idea of my skill level, I did win the bounty hunt car but was somewhere near the slower 5-10% that actually did it.

EDIT: And there’s lap 7 at 1:48.315, I’ll go try your v4 now.

EDIT AGAIN: I don’t care for v4. The lack of downforce is very noticeable and while it wasn’t as difficult to keep from spinning, I had a hard time not understeering into walls. I think you had it right the “first” time with v3. Anyway, just finished lap 6 at 1:48.154, my first clean lap with this tune. I think it’s only faster than v3 due to my own practice though.

I’ll give this a shot later and let you know. Prague is one of my better tracks.

Even old and slow far* like me could get 1:46.714, so i think your tune (used V3) is just fine.

Which version do you want me to run?
3 OR 4 ?

I need to go back and see if I can beat my best time so far; 01:46.315 with NO assists.

I tried both of your tunes. V3 was a bit too loose for my taste. It would loose grip on the rear pretty easily on high speed corners. I had prev best 1.44.8 with a bone stock car and I didn’t really improve that.

V4 in the other was pretty solid. It was pretty easy to drive and I had no issues with understeer. You didn’t have to raise gas on high speed turns unlike with v3. I improved my time immediately on first flying lap and I end with 1.43.5 in couple of laps. So I give thumbs up for the tune. :]

Which is strange since the only difference between both is less downforce on V4. Which would give to opposite result of what you said…

Yes it’s strange, but I was a whole second faster in V4 too and the car had indeed more grip…I would have expected it the other way round too

ok I got a 1:44,641 with V3 and a 1:43,475 with V4 but can definitely do better, the only problem is that, and slimy forgive me for this, I really hate Prague!
So I would say:

  • yes, the tune is good
  • no, I don’t see the guy requesting the tune on top of LB anytime soon

I managed a 1:43:600 on my 2nd lap without TCS or ABS, it feels awesome mid corner, but to be honest, I’ve never felt a worse set of brakes in my life, they insta lock without ABS.

Edit* I was using V4.

Yeah I noticed the engine died at many corners when I didn’t even hear the tires lock too. Is the car just always like that?

Way loose in my opinion, I didn’t get a good time at all. V3 went to the pits the second lap

Loose under braking especially, too loose under acceleration too.
It just wouldn’t stick in there for me.
It might be better with tcs and abs on.

V4 was a definitely better than V3 though.

I started with V4, ended up with low 1:44, felt really good. Tried V3, more difficult to drive, also ended up with low 1:44. About 10 laps each.

I like V4 because it is easier to steer with throttle. V3 feels a little too tight, V4 feels just right to me.

You guys are great.
1.49.*** was the time I was able to have with those tune (in less then 5 laps)
The user I tuned that for, the best he could do with them is 1.51.***.