Literal Easter egg from Playground Games?

I am certain my eyes didn’t deceive me, and I honestly cannot recall ever seeing similar things before.

I was minding my own business, creating a route, and all of a sudden, just as I was placing a checkpoint, a bunny rabbit hops across the gravel road, and ran into the bushes.

I know there’s deer, chicken, and sheep, but I don’t remember ever seeing a rabbit as wildlife? Has anyone else seen this, and more importantly, has this always been in the game?

So it wasn’t actually a “literal” Easter egg then. It was a rabbit, a virtual in-game rabbit at that.

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I have been seeing them for several weeks now
So no its not exactly new or even remotely an easter egg

And no , just like every other animal you cant run them over
They disappear on impact

They dont disappear they get sucked into the intake


Ok kids, Easter eggs don’t actually come from a bunny.

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Damn… You’ve just wreaked Easter for me now… hahaha

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Cadbury’s cream eggs, on the other hand…

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I have it on good authority the Easter Bunny is actually the Tooth Fairy doing undercover work for Santa

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I’m sure I’ve seen mice and squirrels run across the road as well. PG having some fun with wildlife I’d imagine, adds that bit of more realism to the game.

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Where do Reese’s eggs come from?

They come from space. They’re a gift from a benign advanced starfaring civilization hoping to influence humanity on a path of peace and social prosperity.