Links: History of Forza Horizon

Here’s a list of original articles about Forza Horizon when it was originally released, also available in my spreadsheet at and

Week in Review 20160902 Backward compatible, free for XBL Gold members September 1-15
Week in Review 20160826 Backward compatible, free for XBL Gold members September 1-15
Week in Review 20140307 March Rivals: Fantastic Fours, Sick Six, Great Eight GT3, No Turns Tens
Week in Review 20140228 March contest schedule
Week in Review 20131004 Scavenger hunt: motorhome, unicorns for guessing FM5 car clues
October Contest Schedule Schedule of upcoming photo and livery contests, with special pumpkin carving contest for October
Week in Review 20130927 Scavenger Hunt will be announced on Tuesday
Week in Review 20130920 Scavenger Hunt: raptor, Forza Filmspeed and behind the scenes clips
Week in Review 20130913 Scavenger Hunt: hitched, automotive icons (unicorn opportunity), clip of Viper collection, Porsche 918 clip
Week in Review 20130906 Scavenger Hunt: boughs/leaves, Season Pass on sale, Forza Rewards fix with second rewards distribution
Week in Review 20130830 September Rivals list, September contest schedule in the next Rear View Mirror, no Scavenger Hunt this week, vote for greatest game series of the decade
Week in Review 20130823 Scavenger Hunt: Independence, Forza Rewards FAQ
Announcement: Forza Rewards Earn permanent points for activity in FM2, FM3, FM4, FH, and FM5 toward monthly gifts of cars, credits, and tokens in Forza Horizon
Week in Review 20130816 Scavenger Hunt: Schwarzenegger quote, T10 hiring
Week in Review 20130809 Scavenger Hunt: Eddie Van Halen song, T10 hiring, Forza Rewards beta ending to be opened soon
Week in Review 20130802 Scavenger Hunt: driving incident
Week in Review 20130726 Scavenger Hunt: home and livery
Week in Review 20130719 Scavenger Hunt: dogs barking
Week in Review 20130712 Scavenger Hunt: 1 Blue Diamond, Just Married livery contest for Ian, Painting tutorial videos, Playground won Develop Industry Excellence “New Studio” award
Week in Review 20130705 Scavenger Hunt: Shredded Wheat, Ayojube’s painting tutorial videos, July Rivals list
Rear View Mirror 20130701 Scavenger Hunt: Need a Lift?, July photo and livery contest schedule
Week in Review 20130628 Next Scavenger Hunt will be in Monday’s Rear View Mirror
Week in Review 20130621 Scavenger Hunt: Boardwalk, Livestream livery show
Week in Review 20130614 E3 FM5 recap
Week in Review 20130607 Scavenger Hunt: $1100, June Scavenger Hunt and Photo contest schedule, Veyron 16.4 vs. Agera S Hundra video, Landin Williams drift video, E3 coming
Week in Review 20130531 Forza McLaren Ride contest, E3 briefing tickets giveaway, Little Vixen joins community team, June Rivals event list, no Scavenger Hunt this week
Week in Review 20130524 Scavenger Hunt: Why STOP?, updates and new forums coming after E3
Week in Review 20130517 Scavenger Hunt: Going Postal Postal, Pizza Hut Mustang DLC, Forza Horizon Gossip Sheet, snake-wolf airbrushed van
Week in Review 20130510 Scavenger hunt ideas request, Meguiar’s FR-S photo contest, Scavenger: Back-to-Back, farewell Kenan
Week in Review 20130503 Scavenger Hunt: Diamond, SEMA FR-S gift car/rivals/photo contest, May 3 Game Night recap video, Euro XBL Free weekend/rivals
Week in Review 20130426 Scavenger Hunt: Ladies Only, 1000 livestream and challenge #2, new forums coming, May 3 GWD and free Euro XBL Gold weekend contests, May Rivals list
Week in Review 20130419 Scavenger Hunt: Rush/Barchetta, 1000 Club Expansion pack & livestream replay, next Forza Challenge livestream on 4/25
Week in Review 20130412 Title Update 2 released April 12
Week in Review 20130405 Scavenger Hunt: Anchor, April Top Gear Car Pack “is the final monthly DLC Pack for Forza Horizon”, Falken interview, T10 hiring video editor, Venom vs Veyron, April 9 server maintenance
Week in Review 20130329 Scavenger Hunt: White Window, April Top Gear Car Pack coming 4/2, Live Challenge #7 ends 3/30
Week in Review 20130322 Scavenger Hunt: After noon, Nurburgring for sale, 3/28 forum maintenance, 3/29 Live Challenge, April car pack schedule
Week in Review 20130315 Scavenger Hunt: I Can’t Drive 55, Verruckter Schakal proposal livery, Gullstikka Norwegian awards, Honda Challenge winning photo, new supercar opinions
Week in Review 20130308 Scavenger Hunt: SNL picture, Game Night 3/8, March Mequiar’s Ferrari Rivals contest, 3/16 12 Hours of Sebring Game Night, ManteoMax photocomp pic
Week in Review 20130301 Scavenger Hunt: Sunrise, March Mequiar Car Pack coming 3/5, Facebook Challenge coming 3/11, Game Night mid March, Rivals Event of the Day
Week in Review 20130222 Scavenger Hunt: Red Star, Feb. 25 Facebook Challenge, Feb. 26 GWD, VIP pack, Mother of All Photocomps, 2013 NASCAR Fantasy season
Week in Review 20130215 Scavenger Hunt: Tight Kicks, Honda Challenge Photo Contest, Ernie Francis Jr. Q&A Feb. 15, Johniwanna out
Week in Review 20130208 Jalopnik bumper sticker and DLC contests, GWD 2/12, HMA Q&A 2/15, monthly livery contests, re-title Engine Notes for a unicorn.
Week in Review 20130201 February pack coming 2/5, GWD 2/12, Kenan wins CBH, Jalopnik’s best cars never digitized, love of racing thoughts
Week in Review 20130125 John loses CBH, GWD 1/29, Scott Dixon Q&A
Week in Review 20130118 Photoshop pictures of the unicorn saint
Week in Review 20130111 Alex Kierstein leaves T10, Honda Challenge Pack and contest, A-Team fan fiction, GWD 1/15
Week in Review 20130104 January Recaro Pack released, Honda Car Pack coming, vote for CBH staffer, Rally pack stories, Motor Racing program covers
Year in Review 2012 A recap of Forza 4 and Forza Horizon happenings throughout 2012.
Week in Review 20121221 Rally pack released, Honda pack Jan. 15, IGN People’s Choice voting, 2012 Forza memories
Week in Review 20121214 Title update details, Rally pack details/trailer and Dec. Season Pass car, GWD Dec. 20, Pilgrim Q&A, videos
Week in Review 20121207 Game with Dev Dec 20, Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, Dan Autoblog podcast, Pilgrim Q&A Dec 20, Kurtz Q&A
Week in Review 20121130 December IGN Pack trailer, Big Air unicorn contest, GWD Dec. 6, Open Letter to Mayor of Horizon, unicorn opportunity
Week in Review 20121123 First Season Pass Bonus car available 11/20
Week in Review 20121116 Behind the Scenes 5, vote for SPIKE awards, Game With Dev. Nov. 21, Community Bounty Hunter, FYI About DLC unicorns
Week in Review 20121109 Title Update coming Dec. 18 to fix Loyalty Award issue, Game With Dev. Nov. 21, Halo VIP car, Message Center Challenge, Holbrook Q&A unicorn opportunity, Autoweek Adventure Recap
Week in Review 20121102 Nov. Bondurant Car Pack, Message Center Challenges, Game With Dev. Nov. 7
Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience Interactive map via SmartGlass for Windows 8 and coming soon to Apple iOS
Week in Review 20121026 Smartglass, Photo/Livery contests, Loyalty Car investigation, Halloween Bash, VIP Oct gift Raptor, Escape the Grid
Forza Horizon is Here announcement Game With Dev Oct 24/26, October Rivals, Behind the Scenes 4 video
Week in Review 20121019 Oct 20 Track Day on Facebook, Game with Devs Oct 23 & 26, Month 1 pack Rally Expansion Pack Dec. 18, Demo - Saleen unicorn, #EscapetheGrid
Week in Review 20121012 Press reviews, Viper and Saleen gifts, LeMay Museum, Chasing series, Austin City Limits, SRT Family Ties video
Forza Horizon Demo announcement Free, players who play the demo and then the game get the 2013 SRT Viper with “gone gold” livery
Week in Review 20121005 Horizon launch trailer, demo Oct 9 with rivals events and gift Viper, Eurogamer video, Behind the Scenes 3 coming Oct 9
Forza Horizon: Under the Hood 20121010 Q&A discusses car list, tuning, no Porsche, multiplayer co-op
FH Behind the Scenes Episode 5 Nov 16 - discusses upcoming content
FH Behind the Scenes Episode 4 Oct 23 - discusses the culture of Horizon Festival
FH Behind the Scenes Episode 3 More background on Horizon with some quick images of events
FH Behind the Scenes Episode 2 More footage of the Horizon environment, with a full list of songs
FH Behind the Scenes Episode 1 Footage of the various elements to driving in Forza Horizon
FH Launch Trailer - Demo Promo Horizon Demo releases on October 9. Details on the gift Viper GTS with special livery.

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