limits on paints/tunes

So why in this day and age, do we still not have enough allowance for tunes and paints ?

Logically we should have enough space for at least 1.5 times the amount of cars for tunes and paints. ( we may have one car with different tunes or multiples of said car with different tunes/paints).

If they were that concerned about cloud storage space, why not fix the system ? I have tunes up that I pulled and updated or just shared with a friend then took down, that apparently are still up.

I know there are several other issues they are working through, but by now I would have thought this would have been implemented in new games, is the upcoming Forza Motorsport likely to be similarly affected ?

Have you filled them already? How many of each can you have?

I haven’t, a friend has filled both paints and tunes.
He, like me, has all cars with the exception of a couple of hard to get ones, and has been working through them by doing 10 lap races in each car, downloading paints and tunes as he goes.
I think he got up to Porsche before he ran into issues.

He has had to resort to deleting the tune file which will keep the tune on unless its changed, but you can’t do that with paints as it removes them.

I am concerned as a tuner as to how many cars I can tune before I have to stop !

With tunes you could delete them if they are shared, then download them when you need them. Deleting tunes doesn’t unshare them.

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If you don’t share your tunes you don’t need to save in the first place,just tune the car.

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Yeah, oh man welcome to my biggest gripe on FH4. The limitations are so ridiculous, you could think that the server hosting it belongs to a company of 10 people that cant afford a decent storage system. lol.

Reminder that Sony gave Gran Turismo Sport players a whopping 1,000 save slots for paints. In a game that will end support with around 340 cars.

Forza Horizon should’ve had 1,500 slots at the very least.

That would be FH3 needed that.
And FH4 said game engine couldn’t do more.
Thank god we have an all new engine…wait, what?

a note about paints (especially for painters): when you update your livery and save it to the same car, the old livery will disappear from your collection but will still be available for download. i have used this method in the past for FH4 and have been doing the same in this game. another thing: if you don’t mind having pre-owned cars and spending the coin, you can check the auction house for cars with a particular livery already applied and it won’t take up a slot in your livery collection. the same can be said about tunes, although it is a rare thing indeed to find the livery and tune that you want on the same car. i agree that the limit is too low and should be tripled as many cars that i like i have multiples of in different configurations and liveries. it’s a shame that to get many of the liveries or tunes that i like i have to go to the auction house to get them and rob the OG creators of a download and like, but as a painter and tuner myself i need every slot i can get.