Limit Aggression still inverted?

Is there any word on the Drivatar aggression setting?

I’ve read here and there that the setting is currently inverted, meaning turning it off makes them less aggressive as opposed to what is implied. Is still the case?



After doing over 100 laps with out being attacked I would have to say yes it is still backwards but at least with aggression enabled in game the racing is so much better now limiting that aggression will cause sever damage to your car from the less agressive Drivtars.

Is this serious? I have been getting bashed about by the Drivatars for a month thinking I can’t imagine ever turning that off if this is the limited version.


Yup, it’s backwards. They’ll still bump you occasionally, but they won’t be blatantly out to get you.

Does anyone have proof from someone in the dev team saying ‘yes’ it’s backward or is this just people’s opinions? For what it’s worth I have tried it on for hours of racing an off for hours of racing and it seems to be hit and miss depending on the track and the class.

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Likewise - I think the setting does change the behaviour, but I think the appearance of aggression varies depending on track, car type and even your own driving style. The limited aggression setting does seem to reduce certain types of incident, like being hit from behind, but they will still sideswipe you if you’re alongside them in a corner and have had the temerity to be on the racing line.

Why the bleep don’t they fix this then?

It makes most races comical. IRL if drivers bashed into you like this, they would be black flagged, license suspended, and then taken out behind the grandstands and beaten to a pulp. Especially in the Supercar races.

Exactly. Easiest fix evah… Unless it is just for a placebo effect. Like the dummy thermostats they put in office buildings.

I’ve tried both ways and can’t tell, although I didn’t exactly take notes.

With the latest update drivatars are quiet good.

It technically isn’t backwards at all.
The problem is the non drivitar AI (setting On version) had nearly non-existant collision awareness.

With Limit Aggression on the AI will race the line and ignore you and all the other AI all together.
The AI with it on makes all the AI cars run the race like their by themselves on the track, thus all the mid corner ramming ect.
By the time the AI reacts to another vehicle in the race, they’ve already hit the other car.
It’s very easy to see.

Go do a race on Nur GP.
Get in front with the limit agro on.
Park your car blocking the track at the hairpin turn.
Watch all the cars pile up and just stop.

The limit on AI is the same AI as the regular traffic cars in Horizon 3.
They only drive one specific line and don’t move off it.

With the setting turned off however, the AI actually behaves like a proper driver and tries to avoid collisions unless the particular drivatar is an a-hole.
The few of my friends who tend to dive into corners and attempt to fly by on the inside in real life have their drivatars doing the same.

I have had aggression limited on the whole time and it’s always been fine, they drive like I aren’t even there and just do their own thing! Not sure how some are experiencing the opposite!

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They’re mistaking the AI not acting like you’re there and hitting you mid turn as aggression.
Thus making them think the on/off is switched around.

When in reality the aggression is off, but the AI is just super dumb and doesn’t avoid collisions.

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Yeah me too, they just come from the opposote side of the track and come into my spot and knock me off the track like I wasnt there, perfectly normal. One time I was driving around the Aerodrome, all the cars were on one side of the track and I was about 30 metres away on the other side, one just came out of the pack and tboned me, perfectly normal, if you’re playing Smashup Derby.

Assetto Corsa had the same thing for a while but they turned that down thank goodness.

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When I sad they act like I aren’t there, i mean they don’t try to bash me or are aggressive in any way. Their aggression is mostly limited. The only thing is at the start they all rush over to form one line, which is normal, that said they aren’t scaredy cats and get out of my way either.
Aggression limited seems fine to me! Seems limited, I will try it later not limited, I expect them to try to block my overtakes etc.

I don’t fall for the placebo effect and can even tell if the doctors are trying to short change me. I will try it over next few days because after a month of thinking I would hate to see what they are like with the limit switched off I have nothing to lose. I prefer FM7 in all areas(bugs aside) except the AI and in AC the custom setting/pit strategy/setup and favorites for the race setups. I must admit a race in AC is a pleasure and the cars seem very independent of one another not like - That is the line I shall follow too bad if anything is in the way. I also like when you are racing and say coming 7th you get a yellow flag warning and as you come around the corner there are a couple of cars that got untidy in the middle of the road and realistic little mishaps are thrown in like AI touching the grass and recovering but giving you a few milliseconds of ground. If behind you they might take 2 laps to pass and at the exact time or opportunity they should but you see their headlight to and fro looking for the chance without belting you in the butt. tbh if T-10 put some effort into the Drivatar behavior, added favorites(car, track, lap setups) and better pit stop/fuel consumption and tire strategies etc once the bugs were sorted it would be the best game out there by a country mile.

i still really can’t conclusively say if the settings On or Off makes any noticable difference. Yesterday, I was doing Spa. In the hairpin after the start, the AI drove at about 30 KMPH to get through that turn, yet they all stilled flew into. This happened on both settings.

After a month with it on I can safely say turn it off because it is more natural. Besides this revelation just did the Forzathon in FH3 because I didn’t have the Subaru BRZ HE in my garage and after that championship fiasco, I will never complain about the Drivatars in FM7 again.

I gave it another try and I can see the obvious difference mentioned above, that they react to my car instead of just (mostly) following the line. I think I only did one race the first try and after the usual melee in the first corner one of them appeared to do that rear-back-and-side-slap me thing so I didn’t think I needed to see much more. I always chuckle when I see that move. They even do it to each other.

I turned Limit Aggression to OFF a few days ago after reading some posts, this was just before the update, but seems same after the update. I have to say the effect was wonderful. The drivatars now don’t use you as a target and even keep off line, they still sometime smash you from behind at the end long straight and correctly don’t let you steal the corner. Try turning it OFF and report back.

I don’t get it, mine is set to on, and I don’t get aggressive behavior. Xbox here.