Like to race anything with 4 wheels? Join Grip Grimey!

est. June 21, 2014
leader: SNUG3NS

We are the crew known across multiple games as Grip Grimey!

While we are not a specific type of crew, (i.e. Drift, Stock Cars, etc.) we pride ourselves on accepting all walks of life and working as a team to achieve our goals, whether our goal is to have fun or earn rewards.

We are currently in the recruiting process for Forza 4 and Forza Horizon, so if you would like to join or know more about our crew, message our leader, SNUG3NS on the Forza Forums or SNUG3NS via XBL to receive an application.

We are also in the process of organizing races, drift events, meets, and other kinds of exciting events to join in on and enjoy the fun with a crew of friends, without all the worries!

The crew has gone through some times. Times where most of our members have moved up to XBOX ONE, times when we have had to kick members for unacceptable crew behavior.

We have a code of conduct, but it probably is not what you think. It’s not there to limit anyone, in fact, the only reason our code exists is to empower our members and maximize their fun while gaming.


  1. Teamwork : We stick together as a team, through to the end. We may disagree on certain things, but we will never fight among ourselves. This only weakens us and negatively affects our experience.
  2. Enjoyment : We play because we love to play, not because we have to or due to a lack of any other activity.
  3. Communication : We are efficient communicators. If a member has an idea or suggestion, we owe it to that member to encourage their thoughts and give them our consideration.
  4. Acceptance : We are open-minded. Under no circumstances will a member insult or mock another due to their lifestyle, background, or preferences.
  5. Positivity : We do our best to provide a positive gaming environment for all of our members, so we encourage jokes, ideas, laughter, and fun.

All in all, we aren’t like any other crew. From our values to the amount of entertainment received, we are, pound-for-pound the MOST ENJOYABLE CREW in THE WORLD!​

Do you do drag racing, if so what type of cars?

As of right now, we are looking for more people who are diverse in their gameplay. This crew is open to drag, drift, circuit, togue, endurance, and any other form of racing in various types of cars. We are in need of new members who can supply good ideas for events and to just play casually. We many positions waiting to be filled. Does that sound interesting to you? Or were you looking for more a focused type of crew?

Nah that sounds good. Hmu on xbox. My GT is YoungGun171.

I’m in GT Strainedpigeon

invite me mate AgRo LAH thankss

Are you on Xbox 360? I’d so invite me to the club Z0MB13K1LL3R69