Life after the starter cups...

Just wondering/panicking but having only the masters cup & forza drivers cup left, is there anything lying beyond or do I have to hit multiplayer hard to make money to buy 700 cars ?

Help me I’m scared… :confused:


Depends on what you enjoy doing. For me, I only have 2 series (12 races) left in the entire campaign, which both are in the Forza Cup. For me, it will be starting to go back to tuning drifters and building cars while racing small amounts to keep a cash flow.

I’m worried too actually, I enjoy racing & have enjoyed all my time doing it, but I have one cup left, I need more races new races.


Obviously you guys must have been doing standard races… Go back to th ones you enjoyed and use a different car… And set to long or even extra long. Also, get an early pronto type, go to free play and drive LeMans at night 50 laps… Make other races like a night race at the green hell, or 100 laps at Daytna.

To bad T10 don’t add a "build your own series’ like Codies in F1

Mix in free play, I do free play a bunch and rivals, drag to break up the career and extend it. Also not sure if you use longer races but I do that too, (which is new to me considering i am not a longer race dude but it works here for some reason better) if you are nearing the end crank up the lengths and drag it out some. Every level you can pretty much make 70,000 extra with a level up and if you do a long race with mods or Forza cars you’ll get 2 or 3 levels up or more. You can just hoard money. I went nuts today spending a mil on crates and I have half it back in the same day. You can crank money if you work the system.


After the forza cup, you get the elite championships.

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Are the elite championships long ? Please say yes…

Me, I’m trying to maximize my play time by running as many extra-long races as possible. I just started the Evolution Cup today, and have yet to unlock any Elite Cups. I want to get my money’s worth out of single player, and the payouts are very nice.

Once career is finished, I will focus more on Rivals (if track/division/class events are added), leagues, and free play. I have a habit of running a lot of Nurburgring/Nordschleife races in free play. It’s my way of emulating a Forza version of the track records there, and I plan on recording every lap I run. Now if only T10 would allow 200 cars on that track…

Sometimes you have to get creative. Career has always been the tip of the iceberg in Forza games, and then you have to ask yourself, “What would I have the most fun with?”

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What’s awesome…once you’ve finished Forza Cup, you get the Elite Races (about 10 more showcases and 15 or so more races, with 4 more endurance races. One of them is on Nurburgring, so you’ll get that race added. I’ve personally really loved the campaign mode…I’ve never played them all the way through, but definitely plan on doing so. :slight_smile:

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It’s not 15 it’s close to 50 more races. Unless of course you’ve done every event in all 6 series. Because you really only need to do a portion of the races to move on to the next series. So I’m looking at it from a do enough to finish all 6 cups and get to Elite mode, that’s where the 50 comes from. If you do every single open event on the way before you unlock elite it’s probably close to 15.

That being said I thought somebody stated that you could basically redo the elite mode. I don’t know if there’s a way to reset your races (doubtful), if not you can just do them manually. Especially since there’s no payout when you finish a series or an event it’s not like doing it again won’t be as rewarding financially or race wise.

I’ll be going back to the open events and choosing different cars to run (I’m pretty sure you can replay a series).

Free play is also a great way to keep earning the points and focus on the tracks and cars you like.

I’d also suggest searching around the traps to find online leagues, they’ll range from social clean racing to more hardcore with series points and livery guidelines etc. Check in the racer’s lounge section of the forum.

I’m not yet half way through the single player because I’m running every race on long. I’m trying to find the same enjoyment here as I did in Forza 6 by mixing up my play a bit. Unfortunately the lack of choice in the hoppers is getting a little old. I can live without the class hoppers, but open up another half a dozen divisions at least.

I just rushed through the single player campaign mode standard race length. Homologation stuff is a matter of taste, but I didn’t like it so I wanted to deal with it playing as fast as possible. Use F1 Renault for open and open elite cups to rush through. Free Play / Rivals / Online / Painting / Tuning / Upgrading where all the fun is and I feel relieved now that the campaign is over. So when you are done with the cups the real Forza Motorsport begins and you can finally start enjoying it.

Freeplay is pretty good. Select the car and first track and leave the playlist on “Any” and you end up with a more open version of the campaign.

The point of any car game is to drive right?

You can drive forever via Freeplay. Enjoy it.

There is a lot of room for improvement with Freeplay, but likewise, it can keep you busy indefinitely really. Play around with all the options and see just how much fun you can have.

Is there something wrong with having to play multiplayer to get credits? It’s the only thing in Forza that’s actually fun…

I think the one thing Forza did well with this game is the career mode. Yeah, if you have any skill at all, the drivatars are ridiculously easy to beat. However, there is a ton of content in the career. If you run most of the races on long, or extra long, it will take you a very long time to get through it all. I have about 50 hrs spent driving and I still have a lot of races left in the elite championship. If you like single player, the game really can be very good. I am very bored with it now because of the drivatars, but I do give Forza credit for all the content they added here.

Having said all of the above, multiplayer is incredibly limited. I am someone that bought the game almost entirely for multiplayer and I couldn’t be more unhappy with it. 40% of the races are muscle cars and the rest are cars that I don’t have any interest in running. Its extremely restrictive and you can only use a small percentage of the 700+ cars available in the game. I don’t see anything fun about what they did to multiplayer so far. The game has been available for about 12 days now if you bought the UE, yet we still only have the small amount of hoppers. Its like Forza cared more about the gear and the dynamic weather then they did finishing a complete game. I could care less about the stupid gear and really could do without the dynamic weather too. I just want to be able to race the cars I enjoy driving against something other than drivatars that I can beat with my eyes closed. So yes, there is something wrong with having to play this version of multiplayer to get credits, its terrible compared to past Forza games.


It’s the only thing that’s fun to you. Doesn’t mean it’s fun for everyone.


Yes Yes there is something very very wrong with MP the people in it who think it is fun to ram and crash every other player. that is what is wrong with MP


There certainly is something wrong with having to rely on other people to get credits.

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You can increase race length in the assists menu. (career)