LIES and MORE GLITCHED drivers!!!

I quit playing forza 4 shortly after last update…now this update…LOVE the 30 sec no collisions, but playground lies, no free roam my ass…played for hours and every race had a free roam, in both team and free for all. I feel like I been made a fool for spending over 100 on this game now(should have played it a little longer, lesson learned). Race classes are completely jacked up still…here is an honest question…Why have class racing when there is no class racers? Want an example? here…How can a lambo with zero ground clearance ever beat a 4x4 off road truck in an off road race? [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] I find myself lately wanting to throw my controller when playing Forza over have fun.

So playground, how is it I stay away and try to not intentionally ram anyone in a race, yet I get slammed from behind, get spun out in opposite direction, drop to dead last and the person who hit me does not even lose any speed, does not wreck, etc, etc…so I get angry and ram someone today at 100+…I slow to almost a complete stop after the hit, take a 90 degree corner great, and the person I rammed…goes into the woods, slams into two trees and still does not lose any speed and still ends up right back on the road ahead of me. This is really a turnoff for myself, HEY PLAYGROUND, this is not Wreckfest, Wreckfest is more fun tbh…so Playground needs to implement some kind of penalty for this kind of n00b driving, or lack of driving, before I play this again…Oh yeah, My 3 dots around my game crown have been taken away as well…so much for all that hard work of going through the levels 3 times and was on my way to finishing for the fourth time. Another great job by playground :frowning:

Anyways, I guess if I am just gonna get intentionally rammed, intentionally used as a cushion, intentionally pushed off the road, I will just buy a totally different game and play that until last expansion pack is out, til then, If i am gonna get wrecked, may as well play a game dedicated to wrecking other drivers, so now Im off to go and buy Wreckfest…good job Playground, NOT! I can tell you this, I will NOT buy any other Forza games due to this…Have all those Forza games and over the many years cant make a penalty for bash driver’s is a joke on all of us who want to race without all the intentional bashing.

Yours Truly,
Not a happy camper

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Hello happy camper,

No free roam in street races(paved road races), free roam still exists in cross country and dirt. That’s the way the update was announced, so no lies.


Someone needs a chill pill and go back an read the update notes before they make themselves look like a fool on a public forum
No Lies No Lies No Lies…just someone misreading


Don’t understand why people hold PG responsible for dirty players actions. You litterly get it in every single game. If you don’t like it don’t play online

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