Licence plates and car logos have a black background. NEED TO FIX THIS BUG ASAP!

Textures on the car that contain transparency are not transparent. This happens in car logos and license plates:

  • All these details have a black background.
  • Apparently only happens on AMD GPU (RX580, RX570, RX470, R9 290 and more).
  • The license plate is like that everywhere.
  • The details are like this only in game mode, in forza vista and photo mode it looks normal.
  • A friend with the same gpu or AMD gpus have the same problems.
  • Happens in all graphic presets.

My hardware:
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: RX580 8GB (Latest Radeon Software version availe 21.10.2)
RAM: 8GB (2x4) DDR4 3000MHz
The game is installed on the HDD.
I really hope you will find a solution for this, as i bought the Premium version of the game and i would love to enjoy it. Thanks.


SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 470 4GB user here, I have the same issues as well. Although it’s not game breaking, it’s still annoying.

I have a RX580 and got the same issue definitely not game breaking but looks bad and annoying after a while.

same here
mine Rx 580 8gb

same with rx 580 and r9 290 and the fix today not help the bug is still there.

After hotfix I have this problem too, but I have NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, not AMD GPU

Got the hotfix, still no fix for the issue.

Does anyone know a fix to the visual bug with black boxes around badges license plates people etc. Please its so ugly

i always remove the lp, it makes cars look ugly anyway, so i don’t have this problem lol

im also having this same problem and its starting to become a real bother

RX 580 Here too. Looks like they dont care about it ;]