Liberty Walk 458 Livery Request

I really want the liberty walk paint for my 458 and I’ve tried to dabble into doing it myself with no luck…don’t even know where to begin, tried looking up videos/tutorials with no avail so I’ve come to accept that the paint booth is probably not for me…

I’m reaching out hoping one of you talented folks can create a liberty walk rep…I found similar wheels in the two stage rim option, but the overfenders and stuff is just way out of my league. Surely this design should get you plenty of DLs throughout the community as well…It’s been done on forza 4 but the person that did it is in denmark and they don’t have forza 5 out there yet

liberty walk


here’s a couple from the previous designer


actual car




appreciate it!!

I might give this one a shot alright bud.

It’s a good thing you tried to recreate a livery in real life :slight_smile:

Any word on this creation?

awesome, appreciate it!

No problem mate, it should be ready soon, I have been very busy but I am on it!

No problem mate, it should be ready soon, I have been very busy but I am on it!

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I’d like to see what you do with this ace, very nice of you to take on this project.

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no worries man! I know how time consuming it can be, I’ve seen the videos…it takes me an hour to choose where to place a decal LMAO.

co signed with stiff73, really appreciate you taking it on, I hope it gets a million downloads!!

Ok guys! The body-kit is done. I have been looking quite a lot at Fight-Dog’s design and the real thing and now I figure I have gotten the bodykit down enough to show you guys. I will have the full thing with logos finished soon. So wish me luck and tell me how it is. I could always edit some things, who knows. Anyway this is a very interesting job for me, challenging but I might actually go ahead and make more Liberty-Walk stuff, who knows. Anyway here is the body.
Click on the pictures to see them in full on Flickr.

forza127 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza128 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza129 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza130 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr


Looking good ace, get r done!! lol

looks awesome bro!! If i may make a suggestion, I found wheels that are very similar on that lb 458 I posted, they’re in the second set of wheels, I’ll get name if you cant find

Looks absolutley marvelous. And this could be just because of the lighting, but it looks like the ferings are a lot lighter grey than the rest of the car, especially the rear.

And nolakojo, as long as he paints the rims a matte black color, you should be able to put on what ever type of rims you want, as the wheels are an upgrade in tuning, and I could be completely wrong here but, they shouldn’t be affected by the livery.

I gotta double check, you could be right…I could have sworn with some liveries I have I couldn’t change wheels I will check in a bit! I see what you’re saying about the overfenders too, could be a little darker to blend, but it’s amazing to see how he did the fenders though

awesome man!! I’m going on vacation for a couple of weeks and won’t be able to play forza so unfortunately it’s no rush for me/I’ll be dying to get home and dl the livery!!! ugh

Okay I thinks I know those rims and I will get them in a matte black. I am almost done with the car just a couple more logos and it will be finished!

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I check on this thread everyday waiting to see when this livery will be available…can’t wait for the finished product!

Not only am I humbled by the attention this has gotten but I am also very thankful to be able to do this for all of you. I am glad that I could be of service and I hope you all like the finished product. It was one of the hardest and longest in the making. So here are the finished pictures with the correct matte black rims. This is how the design is uploaded. I hope you all enjoy. Just search Liberty Walk

forza136 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza134 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza131 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza132 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza133 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza135 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

Enjoy and I hope you all like it!

Great job on this Ace, downloaded and followed. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!

SICK Bro!! excellent job man…I’m still a week away from getting back home to the xbox but I can’t wait to DL it! I know it’s not JUST for me, but sincerely, thank you!