LGHUB Game/Application Profiles

Before I begin this post I wanted to start with mentioning that I am playing FH5 on Windows Xbox Game Pass and the game itself, not the Xbox app is installed onto my second SSD. So I have been trying to figure out how to use LGHUB in order to program my wheel setup for FH5, however many people know that /WindowsApps does not give you permission to do much with the contents of it even as Admin or any elevated user. I wanted to know if there is any way to add this game to LGHUB without messing with permissions because I have heard it could break certain things, however so far I only found answers for this 2 years or older which may still be relevant today, not sure. If there is some way to do this without issue I would appreciate the help. Actually I would appreciate any feedback soon if possible because my wheel is the Playtation version and the in game mapping is frustrating considering it just labels the buttons as (Device 2 : Button 9) for example. Plus I like to have profiles for ever game.