Leveling up painter status?


I was curious about how leveling up the painters rank worked, but couldn’t find anything solid, as many were saying it’s just a matter of uploading a ton of decals, others say you just need downloads, and some say it’s a combination of downloads and likes. Any help would be appreciated.

its a combination of downloads likes and uses
You also get influence by just creating and sharing

You get 100 Influence from sharing a Paint/Tune. So you can level up rank that way just share unshare the same file. You then also get influence for each download, use and like. Not 100% sure the figures but its only 100-200 per each.

So to get to Rank 5 of Painter to get the criteria for the Star Car isnt too difficult as if you even just share basic paints share enough of them and you get to Rank 5.

If you are talking about Legendary status as in being able to sell any car for 20 million, then Rank does not matter only downloads, uses and likes and you need 50,000 of these combined.


Much appreciated!

do they same for a tune and or livery and or photo

most of it in you home menu at a home to share unshare

Was wondering that. I shared so many paints by now and i am still level 1 lol. But whatever…