Level up rewards

I have a question regarding the level up rewards: I’m at car tier level 30ish and I only get cars offered from tier 3-5. Is the only way to get the cars from tier 1 and 2 to actually buy them in the normal way?

I have always taken the car since day one. As you tier up, your car offering got better rather fast. Skipping a lot of common/uncommon car. I was in the driver level 330 range I believe, getting a solid dose of legendary, had amassed 43 piled up in rewards waiting for money to claim. After the legendary ran dry, well before I was able to actually buy my rewards, I started getting non stop uncommon, I’d take those. Then they stopped and common is all I’ve seen for awhile. I take the money here, and go buy whatever common car first, that I know I’ll keep, second that I’ll sell after my 700 car collector achievement. This way I’ll get some value from the common car when getting rid of them. If you take them free, you can’t sell them, only remove. Don’t know about auction though. I’m at driver level ~450, collected level 39

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Any cars you pass on will keep coming back if you take the cash or outfit and it can change from T1 to T5 or anywhere in between once at a certain level but does appear to rotate same offers until you give in and buy. I had the Tier 5 early because I did the last section of career first(Forza Cup) which wasn’t my finest moment because not enough CR to get cars at the time. I have been getting nothing but duplicate offers for the past 30+ level ups with only a handful of cars left to collect that are not locked. I wised up eventually and stuck them in rewards to collect later so the cars change but have only added 13 so far and hopefully, will get the cars I want soon Then I will just go get the CR for the cars on hold in rewards once done. Might buy a duplicate occasionally to paint up and sell in the AH.