Level Reset?

Has anyone else experienced a level reset? Mine did and Im not leveling past level 3 now and not receiving wheel spins despite gaining XP.

Do you have a star next to your level? Top left of pause screen. If so you have prestige and after that each level needs more xp.

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Ah gotcha, yes I do. Thanks for the info. Skipped out on FH4, missed so much updates to game play apparently.

It’s funny how this confuses everyone at first including myself. Makes you wonder what’s the point in having a non intuitive progress system like this opposed to a simple linear system.

the only reason they removed the linear system for this is that in FH3 the maximum SHOWN level was 999 - then you got the black star in the diamond/bluey background for all proceeding levels.

In FH4 the maximum level was prestige 10, level 999 if I remember correctly which is about level 6398 if my maths are correct (I’m assuming each prestige requires an additional 100 levels to unlock and the final two are only 999 levels). Obviously nobody has gotten to this level legitimately and I only know what the max level is from cheaters online/ on the leaderboards.

They’ve seemed to upped the level count in FH5 so the max level is prestige 10, level 2999 as seen by multiple hackers/cheaters. If the same assumptions are made the max level in this game is about 9,499.

There are many who have achieved prestige 10 in FH4 without cheating. And in FH5 I’ll be at prestige 7 and in about 2 months I’ll be at prestige 10. Just an example. And that without cheating. And buying thousands of the same cars and distributing skill points or 1000 times up and down the highway is not cheating, just leveling up. In my eyes, cheating is when someone changes the code on the PC and is immediately prestige 10. Everything else is just farming normal XP. Some just enjoy reaching prestige 10 quickly.


Hardly anyone has achieved it legitimately in FH4, it takes forever. I know some have, but they have played gigantic amounts of time and are also very good at the game, like a member here who is an ace at Eliminator which allows you to level up quite quickly if you keep winning. I only just ticked round to the start of prestige 9 yesterday in FH4 and I’ve played probably more than 99% of players at a guess. (I’ll check my stats if you’re interested in the actual hours.) I don’t know if it’s any less time consuming in FH5. The level up system is super unintuitive and thus meaningless. It doesn’t make sense either to the player themselves or to others looking at your level, with all the different numbers and colours jumbled up. Bluntly, it’s stupid. FH2 and FH3 got it right.

I just enjoy leveling. I see this more as a challenge among friends. The same is with the leaderboards. I only look among friends and club and we have fun and hit each other. Believe this is the most fun way to have fun. Just ignore the global fake leaderboards. At first I was upset about the unrealistic hall of fame leaderboards, but you have to learn to ignore that. Since then, I’ve been playing more relaxed.