Level 0 from scatch in Forza motorsport 7

Hello, I am Alberto Montalban with gamertag `` AMONTI22 ‘’ I’m writing to you because I recently made the official update of your game (forza motorsport 7), on 11/28/2017. Moment in which to finish that update my game was completely restarted at level 0, losing 665 tuned cars, level 537 and many credits. In addition, 579 hours of play, along with collector level 41. After all this, the game was synchronized with the cloud and continued all to 0.

I have made captures of my achievements of that game in the Xbox application, attached to this message, where it continues to appear in my gamertag. But in the game I am at level 0, disappearing everything previously exposed.

I would be grateful if you could contact me in order to recover the game as I had before making such an update.

Regards thank you very much. I am looking forward to your response.


Please read [RESOLVED] Game starting from scratch - Updates and request for information. - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

Thank you