Let's work to keep Forza 4 ALIVE!

One way to do that is to encourage every gamer you know to dust off that copy of FM4 and participate. There’s lots of life in the old girl, and you can help by creating lobbies, starting (or joining) clubs, promoting clean racing among good-natured members, and by taking part in the challenges in the Forza 4 Racer’s Lounge. Even if the game isn’t supported forever, let’s get some real enjoyment out of it while we can.


I always play forza 4 when i have live it’s pretty much the best game with FH1 soooo much better then the new games they release


Do you know if Unicorn cars are still being auctioned off?
I don’t have that achievement, and I would like to. I am still playing, currently half way though all the events.

Turn 10 stopped auctioning unicorns almost immediately after launch, so they changed the achievement to simply require the player to own a unicorn. Unfortunately, Turn 10 ended support for FM4 over a year ago, so there’s no way to get unicorns now. Because of this, the achievement is unobtainable. Sorry man. : /

No, there is a way.

FM3’s DLC was removed a long time ago, so unless you already have the VIP DLC, you still can’t get the achievement.

The codes still work. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t appear on the store, the DLC is still on Microsoft’s servers.

When you have redeemed the code, you can go to your ‘download and purchase history’ and download the VIP car pack from there. People are still doing it now.

The same goes for Forza Motorsport 4 DLC codes, they still work. (The only exception being the season pass, which works in a different way.)

The only reason I still have an X360 is Forza 4. And the Halo series. Count me in!

I’ve only had the game for several months so I’m for keeping it alive.

I just loaded mine up this morning, had to dust off the 360, but she rattled and rolled on. I am thinking about loading up Forza 2 also…


I hope they release all the DLCs together. I’d love to buy the ones I’ve missed.

Hopefully it is in the nexted group of backwards compabile games 4 xbox 1

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Next to impossible. The reason the DLC was removed to begin with is the licenses for the cars expired. It would actually be illegal for Turn 10 to sell the DLC with expired licenses. In order for them to start selling the DLC again they’d have to relicense every single car, which is extremely costly and time consuming. Because so few people play FM4 anymore Turn 10 would have to lose money in order to relicense the cars, and several cars wouldn’t even be possible to relicense.

Also unlikely to happen. That same issue with DLC licenses expiring comes up, except now for the base game. Turn 10 would have to relicense every single car that came with the original game, as well as every single track. It’d be a logistical nightmare.

If they manage to get Forza 4 compatible with XBone, I’ll probably get rid of the X360 then.

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Hey, I’m almost always be willing for some competition in Forza 4.

I see some new names here (new to me at least), and hope we have some new participants in the Racer’s Lounge competitions. This place is nearly a ghost town, but the ghosts still love Forza Motorsport 4! More comps are being posted almost daily; let’s have more than the “usual suspects” taking part…

Are any of you guys having issues staying in lobbies or getting in lobbies online? I’m still active in the drift lobbies but I lose the lobby after every race just about or I can’t find one when I know Damn well there are lobbies I can get in. I lose lobbies when I’m banging doors with club members. It’s very annoying! Sometimes I can jump back in the lobby if I’m fast enough but I often find myself sitting in a lobby, alone, waiting for someone to join after 20 attempts to join one myself. Same with user created lobbies. I almost never get into user lobbies. It pops up with the error “player is not reachable” or whatever it is it says. It’s very frustrating! I’d like to be able to talk to turn 10 about it personally but I don’t see any e-mail or any contact info really. What am I to do? I love drifting in forza 4!

Nope, nobody else but just you and your crazy connection kid… NOW GET OFF MY LAWN! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Forza’s multiplayer is player-hosted, not server hosted. If multiplayer isn’t working for you, it’s because of a problem with your and/or the lobby host’s internet.

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You can find me in virus races. Fairly good turn out. Wish the S class lobby was just as active.