Let's talk level up wheelspin...

Thought we could all chat about what we’ve learned and what we know about the wheelspin here

I got some info from sk33t here on the forum that the perk that allows you to buy wheelspins with cash costs $100,000 per spin - pretty reasonable even cheap in my opinion. It does reset the possible winning car each spin.

It also appears that it’s now a smart wheelspin in that it never puts a car up that you could win that you already have. I’m over level 110 and haven’t seen a car listed that’s in my garage and I have about a hundred cars right now.

I like that the maximum cash you can pull as $100,000 or $200,000 with VIP. I think the wheelspin handed out too much cash before. I prefer how they’re doing it now where the races give bigger winning stakes and the wheel spins are moderate payouts with a chance for a car. That being said they need to pull the tiny little $2,000 and $7,000 ones out as those are really too low. You win more than that in any basic race. I would say the smallest value should be 10 grand.

Strangely I have not seen a Horizon Edition car in my last 20 or so spins. Early on I got the skill boosting Hurican and the credit boosting Viper. And those are the only two I’ve gotten so far. A lot of people at my level already have 7 or 8 so its just lousy luck of the draw for me.

Has anyone seen any of the real elite cars that are over a million dollars yet in the wheelspins? Also has anyone been able to tell if the quality of the cars you can win increases as your level goes up? To me it doesn’t seem to be the case as lately all the cars I’ ve seen have been pretty average rides I would not normally even buy myself.

That’s about what I know… What do you guys think of this new wheelspin system and how has your luck been?

You can get duplicate cars.

I know people will hate me but I bought a BRZ HE edition and then around 5 spins later I won one.

It gives you the option of selling the car to the game for a small amount of credits or add the duplicate to your garage.

$100k is definitely the max spin with $200k VIP.

Level 150 and I have won 4 HE cars from spins. I have seen the option of winning a few expensive cars but not actually won any.

Spins seem no different now than level 1.


i have 35 spins and have won 1 car a fiat. the rest have all been cash.

I won two land rovers almost back to back I’m near or at level 60 and have yet to win one horizon edition car… if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have none at all lol

My spins only cost me 50,000cr per spin, do VIP’s get a discount maybe?

Mine are also 50,000 CR each. And yes, I’m a VIP.

nearly every spin i do, would say 85% resulted in the lowest monetary value every time. I have won one 100,000 and a couple of 20k or 40k and one SRT Jeep Cherokee.
Must be very unlucky, have done a few now about level 30.

I got bored and threw some money at it, a little over a million, picked up about a dozen cars including the Ford GT Horizon Edition that gives the credit bonus. Overall I’d say a lot better money spent than just buying a car for a million and change. Plus it’s kind of fun to have something to do with my cash.

I lost 3 million credits, but won 5 HE cars! Still think it was worth it overall, given that it would have cost me WAY more (probably) to buy them in the AH.

Nothing like getting $2,000 credit + VIP rolls every level. It’s pretty exciting to level up.

Not even sure why that’s even a thing. /salty

Hehe nothing is more irritating then seeing “you’re friend won the murcielago 670-4 sv for 1h ago” and then you always win like 2000 or something… a hit in the face every time…

I am the one in our group that never wins any good from spins, don’t matter if I buy or do 10spins in a row, I never get more then 60k including the VIP bonus.

Cars aren’t the most “in your face” thing, trust me. Seeing a “Your friend won 100,000 Cr. 1h ago” while rolling a 2,000 Cr. is way more devastating than getting the same from seeing “Your friend won a Ford GT Horizon Edition 1h ago”.

I have won two MX5s.

No cars won on a wheelspin for me as of yet.

That said I am only a few hours in to the game :smiley:

I too was winning nothing but low cash amounts, but in the last dozen or so spins I’ve had $200k (inc. VIP) a couple of times, a few OK cars plus my first HE car - this was at level 32 I think. I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere that HE cars seem to start appearing over level 30, not sure if this is right?

Lvl 39 here, have won some fun cars (not fast) and i got a BRZ HE and a viper HE edition so far, i think i used all my luck

Do the have car gift where you csn gift a car to someone?

Level 220 here…

I’ve won around 10 HE cars since i started and only bought 2 of them.

Honestly i wouldn’t bother with them since the recent leaks that they’re bringing out 10 more, they will not hold their value at all.

Not sure whether it’s ‘luck of the draw’ or not but i rarely get less than 20k on the wheelspins.

At what level do you stop getting wheelspins for leveling up?

Does it stop? In FH2 you stopped getting cars at like 75 right? and after that only cash… or am I wrong?