Let's talk Leaderboards

I couldn’t remember who said it at the time of writing, but believe it was @luckeydoug1 suggested it a while ago.

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@Cained_N_unAbel Thanks for the kudos.

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I think one key point to this thread is the “longevity” aspect that keeps individuals coming back to the game. Clearly everyone has their own niche that they focus on, but for me at least, the ongoing cheat culture for success is ruining it for those who actually try to play as intended.

One appeal to the game of course is the multifaceted approach to attempt to satisfy everyone through all the different activities. Though not truly one of the specific “leaderboard” metrics, the painter & tuner levels continues to be one of those broken areas which is also exploited by the “cheat culture”. You can spend hours and truly put your effort into designs for example, but inevitably it’s always the same few gamer tags your going to see pop up on the most popular cars for the seasonal events on the “Find new designs” page. And it’s clearly not just about their number of followers or designs if you notice the timing for these and the fact that when they appear they already have x number of downloads and the exact same number of likes for a single color car (sorry, my frustration is showing :smile:). My thanks to those players who play fairly and support others doing the same! :+1:t2:

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I know exactly what you mean, no offence to the guy but I make a point of avoiding ugrundy tunes, their popularity comes from flooding the game with quantity rather than quality, I don’t think I’ve ever looked for a tune on any car in FH5 without a ‘tune’ from them showing up.

Meanwhile on the design side of things my 2 go-to designers are usually nowhere near the most downloaded liveries in all but a few cases where they’ve took off (and deservedly so).

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You’re absolutely right, cheating impacts much more than just online and leader boards - modding in cars before release to have head start on liveries and tunes is another one… :frowning:


Clean cars look good too, though. Not everyone wants a million brand stickers or a lady winking on their door. :roll_eyes:


To be fair to ugrundy,whilst their tunes are never the very best,they are always easily driveable and capable of what they are intended for .So for one off seasonals/dailys etc they are fine

Although,that said,my current ‘goal’ to keep me entertained is to do all seasonals/dailys in stock cars .Its a bit more fun and saves wasting tune slots on one shot tunes (cos i can never bother to delete them afterwards)

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! :exploding_head::astonished:

This can’t be true!

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I love being a negative nancy. So my take on it, Is that they’ll likely pay lip service to leaderboard reworks in Horizon 6. But after putting in 2 other features. they’ll soon forget about it and it will fall by the wayside like so many other features. They have so much stuff that pulls their focus. Its becoming a stretch to call it a racing game anymore. I was really hoping they’d drop the whole character and clothing thing for this game. But it seems to be an even larger focus. Because Sims avatar dressup dolls is apparently a core focus of the franchise now. As opposed to well made tracks, rewarding race payouts, actually finishing their 3 year old track editor that has the potential to carry the whole game by itself (thinking trackmania). They managed to make one of the best driving game strips of road on the side of the volcano yet theres literally no consistent way to take advantage of it in a competitive or technical way due to the limitations of custom route start location, lack of any full length events on the route, And lack of custom route leaderboards of any kind. I benchmark all my cars on a downhill custom route and have resorted to a piece of paper and pen to keep track of times.

I’d just be happy filtering Rivals leaderboards by TIME. I know that “near me” is STILL broken, which is pathetic that it’s been a known issue since March and still not fixed. But I should be able to actually input a time and jump to it. Instead you either have to have a ton of friends so you can compete with them, or it takes you, and this is no exaggeration nearly an hour just to move from the top of the global leaderboards to a time that is 10 seconds slower than the top. AN HOUR.



My only wish is a simple one:

Give us API access to the leaderboards, that way the coders amongst us in the community can come up with a vast array of challenges and events based on them.

Give us API access to everything!

Here’s what you need to do team Forza lol. Expose all your data through APIs to the public. Let the community go wild and see what they come up with. Then copy any ideas you like and add this functionality in game so that we don’t have to go to an external site or app. Win win all around.

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Jeez, I would love having API to talk to the game… But I really can’t imagine that happening, unfortunately. It’s a huge undertaking (read - lots of cost) with little to no monetary reward.