Lets make F6 the Best Simulator to date

Just a few things
Make it a Race Weekend-Quallies,Races more than 3 laps long
Marbles-Dont just have them on the track and not have anything happen when you drive over them
Pitstops-Mandatory Pitstops for races over 5 Laps…AND HAVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY WORKING ON THE CAR
Blown Tyres-If i want to drift a 1000rwhp car,let me blow the tyres off the rims and leave belt slap up the rear quarter panels
More Exterior Mods-Self Explanitory

Plus the whole Dynamic Weather/Nighttime thing everyone else in the history of Forza Motorsport ever would like to see

Dont let F6 be overtaken by PCars!

forza has never had qualifying weekends. but the more than 3 laps i can defiantly get behind.

marbles are along the walls, there are enough wall riders in the game already. we dont need to be training new people wall riding is the way to go

5 laps? maybe the ring but pitting 5 laps on most tracks is unrealistic.

people working on the car would be a waste of resources. the modeling, rigging, animating, logic, etc…would eat up resources. people are much more complex than cars. and it could cause licensing problems. the reason gta and burnout cant get licenses is because manufactures dont want cars running over people or intentionally wrecking innocent bystanders. its bad pr. i dont remember seeing pit crews in pcars either, probably for the same reason. adding people is a whole different animal than adding more cars or tracks, you would have to rewrite the engine. cars you can just plug into the engine thats already there.

you could blow out tires in early forzas. and you did have to pit in endurance races. if you didn’t depending on the car you were going to blow tires or run out of gas, either way you weren’t finishing.

exterior mods…only if they are performance related. if its just cosmetic its not going to benefit the game play. to me gameplay is the priority in a game. if you just want better graphics watch a movie. they are photorealitic. i would rather drive an ugly winner than a pretty loser.

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Forza Motorsport 6 Features wish list