Lesson learned. Never preorder from Amazon.

Amazon promised a driver suit with preorder. I never got the code. They wanted me to contact MS, so I told NitroGlitter. MS doesn’t handle Amazon codes, so I’ve learned to buy from Windows/Xbox.

Not long had my suit from them didnt even realise the email had come. Have you checked your spam folder

I have. Nothing, unless I don’t know what I’m looking for.

mine came in the same day I got the game. My wife had it on her email and sent me the link to it. might and try to find it to get the email’s subject line.

Benefit Confirmation for your order is the email subject line

I thought I never got mine either, but I didn’t really care, so forgot all about it, since Forza had bigger issues at the time.

I’m on PC.

This week. I had the issue where Forza starts and immediately closes. Looking online, people suggested logging back in through the XBOX app would solve the problem. So, I tried that, and it actually fixed my problem.

While in the XBOX app, I noticed that I had a message from October 3rd about my Pre-Order bonus. Right in the message were the two codes. I’m assuming these were the Amazon codes. I redeemed them, but I never looked for them in the game.

Those were for some MS Driver Gear. Not connected to Amazon pre-orders.

As far as the Amazon Driver gear I had to bug them but Amazon did finally send me the codes.

My email’s with Amazon:

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Thanks guys, but nothing like that for Forza.

@HipHopHead80. After all that was it a good fire suit and helmet?

It’s aiight. As good as any other I guess. I can say I haven’t seen anyone else using it yet so it’s kinda unique.

Wasn’t really much work. Just a few quick emails took care of it.

Well, they keep saying they can’t help me. I give up, I guess.

Log in to your Amazon account and check your messages.

Don’t see anything.

Well, Amazon really can’t help me, they “don’t have the codes” , “Microsoft has to give them.”

well that’s just crap
the gave them to everyone else that preordered through them

That’s the same issue I ran into with Square with the Final Fantasy Expansion with Gamestop. Neither of them could give codes, Gamestop didn’t have any and SE said they didn’t give them out.

This might be a silly question, but is there a cut off period of sorts after which Amazon doesn’t have these?

As a small update, if anybody reads this, especially Nitro Glitter, Amazon actually closed my ticket for the suit, before ever actually giving it to me. A great rep found that out, couldn’t issue the suit, but did refund me half of my deluxe edition.

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I would say that is not a bad deal :).