LeMans 24 hour event


does anyone know if Turn 10 will provide us with a special event for June 14th - 15th allowing us to set laps to 380+ laps for the lemans weekend. I think thy’ve done something before.

Cheers in advance

I imagine if you keep checking the news section - as we get closer to Le Mans - you might see something. Right now, more than a month out, nothing has been stated.

Sure hope so! Hoping for Indy as well…

Well, it looks like we have a 2.4 hour event over the horizon. And Indy’s coming in a few days! Pumped is an understatement!

I’m hoping they have the Indy GP and the 500. That would be nice

bring it on !!!

I doubt it. They did nothing for the 6 hours of Silverstone event. which came complete with weather effects.

I best stock up on the redbull

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Well they did with Forza 4 and was a great success…fingers crossed! Spa 24hr would be nice too!

6 hours of spa is on this weekend. I haven’t heard anything about a special event for that. Im hoping for a bathust 1000 on forza5. They’ll do something for le mans.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t do that. I hope they leave it on for a few days though cos it’s great to do it but it’s hard to do that and watch the race as well and watching they race is essential.

They also need to sort out the hopper problem they have for the Sebring and long beach race. I got into the long beach one only be going through about I 30 hoppers blocking people who we’re racing so it didn’t then chose that hopper again.

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I didn’t think of doing that.

I missed the long beach one and only caught a1.2 hour one on Sebring. More of these would be cool

They did events for both 2012 and 2013 in FM4. I would be surprised if they didn’t for FM5.

I hope they show us are lap times in the longer races. Not… The previous lap was 8 miles, and so was this lap! …

Thanks Forza, I know how long the track is…