Lego Valley Events (Bug or Glitch) Screenshots added (Today's More Screenshots added)

I had this happen before and I posted about it.
I went to lego valley just to do some rivals and
noticed that the events logos were not completed.
I know I have done them before.
In the previous post, I was asked to share screenshots.
I’m hoping that I can do that. Here it goes (wishing myself luck)
It appears that I have no clue on how to share the screenshots in this forum.
Any tips on how to share screenshots?


screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 3

Just so I can let you see. I added screenshots from today (1/2/20200
Notice the difference from the last set of screenshots.
why are they different?
In both sets,
I had already completed them in the first cycle as they came around in the lego valley expansion.

Hi, If I have read your post correctly you have completed these championships normally? The reason that they don’t show with a trophy next to them is because these championships in the screenshots are part of the weekly challenge (denoted by the “clock” emblem) if you go to them and enter them you get a choice of racing the weekly challenge or the normal one by pressing “Y” (if I remember correctly). After the season change next Thursday they will look normal and some other races will take their place.

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This is only the 2nd time this has happened.
When the season changed last week Dec 19th, there were none of these “Uncompleted” or trophy-less Championships.
Those that did show up in that cycle had the trophy emblem.
I’ve also been led to believe that no “New” championships would be added to Lego Valley or Fortune Island
once all had been done.
Also when I checked Fortune Island, the weekly or seasonal championship events all have the trophy emblem.
I just don’t know what else to tell you. I just find it rather strange that this has happened.

They rotate weekly
Over a 4 weeks series
So after ever 4 week period they just replayed
If you dont go to them in a week that you already have completed them they wont be complete

Whats the issue anyway
You get the rewards again
If they show as complete you dont

I’ve added screenshots from today.
why is it doing this?
and no I do not get all the “rewards” when I go and do the events again

A few weeks ago that happened to me too,
They reset if I was in Lego Valley while season was changing, if I’m on Mainland, they stay completed.