Lego Senna

Hi guys, I need a lego senna to complete a brick challenge. Like a fool I sold mine months ago, lego speed champions aren’t in the auction house now. How do I get one ? Only one brick challenge left to do and it involves the senna


I think you may be out of luck and have to start a new save, but I hope for your sake I’m wrong. I can’t see how you’d get the car otherwise personally though.

Hopefully they come back to the auction house because there isnt a hope I’m starting a new save at this stage

If you are on PC you would be able to back up your old save and revert back to it after getting the achievement, I believe (this used to work for some of the ‘stuck’ counter achievements in the past).

But yes it would still be a ton of work to go through all of the Lego DLC again if nothing else.

I think that the devs ought to address this in a patch as it is quite an oversight to allow people to dispose of a car they will later need, with no way to get it back.

Or if you’ve duplicates that you cant sell, I’m sure they’ll sort it eventually

We should be able to buy the solo career rewards once they have been unlocked. Not only lego, but also Fortune Island and the main game (Alpine, Hoonigan Porsche …). And maybe completely remove them from Auction House to prevent people who have not completed the solo career to buy them.


you should write a ticket