Lego Expansion - Locked

Purchased the Ultimate Edition at release, was able to download and play the first expansion Fortune Island without issue. We have downloaded the Lego expansion and when we go into the game, select the Lego Valley, it pulls up the Lego Valley options screen but areas are grayed out. When selected, it provides a message " This feature is currently locked. Keep racing until you reach the Horizon Festival in Lego Valley to unlock it."

There is no Lego Valley in the map for us to even begin to drive in.

Tried doing a hard reset. No luck.

Any suggestions? This is for my 10 yr old, who actually know this better than me.

You have to enter Lego Valley the first time via the map. Make sure that Festivals are marked to be shown. The Lego festival is in the train yard North of the regular festival. Once you enter it this way first, then you can use the menu.

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you must also update FH4 base game, not only DL Lego expansion to play in it.

Thank you both very much for your reply and screen grab. You brought a big smile to a young boys face. He knew exactly where to go.

That’s nice to know… and how about your son? Was he smiling too? LOL :rofl::yum::+1::sunglasses:

Thank-you… Was wondering exactly the same thing!

You are welcome. That is what this forum is for. :slight_smile: