legendary badges available now.

I have received several legendary badges after an update last night. I got them all from the 25,000 crates. I bought 40 of those and got 3 legendary(s) and 6 super rares… 5 of which were duplicates even though I only have half of them total… maybe not all super rares are unlocked.

Available now? I had several before, or is there a new badge case or something?

What’s exactly legendary about them? Do they look cool? Seems like they have just used the badges as filler this go round, instead of badge that had to be earned in FM6. They seem pretty useless now.


They’re a different colour, and that’s about it.

I like the colour red, therefore none of the Legendary Badges are of interest to me.

They could have done some neat things with the badge system, like awarding them to people who race really clean, people who set good leaderboard times, people who succeed in community activities or Rivals events but no, it’s just a set of generic icons with a different colour to the set of generic icons that came before it.


Nothing and not really. Most of the badges are lame.

Definite filler. The earned badges in games past were neat.


yes, very upset these aren’t earned badges. Seems so lazy of them not to add that feature… They could have literally just stolen the icons and the challenger from a past forza game and that would have been fine. I think they were too busy making huge advancements in lootbox technology.


They came a month ago. I got 5 from that previous case.

thats so wierd that others have received them before last nights update. I purchased 300 of the 25k crates and got zero now today I purchase 40 after update and get 4. Also I’ve purchased literally hundreds of every car and driver gear crates… Are you sure you weren’t getting super rares before…

To answer question about legendaries they are the same as all the rest of them but have yellow back ground.

Just a completion thing…

Nothing new - but I wouldn´t spend a penny to get a badge. Especially when it´s just the colour that matters. And the motives are definitely not impressive at all.


You don’t even spend money on the crates, you spend in game credits only.

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I dont really care for the badges either, but in this case you get a “free” badge with the 1 driver gear crate.

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I mean every other game had better looking badges and you had to earn them which was much cooler. It was like an expanded set of achievements.

That said some of us want them all regardless of that. I have my tier 11 badge which I will wear until they make a tier 12 badge. I will not and have not ever worn a regular unearned badge in forza 7 but I still want them. Just like all the dumb drive gears now that I have the astronaut I don’t want to switch it…

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I only have the level 11 badge unlocked, even though I’ve been level 12 for some time now. Do I need to buy more crates?

The level 12 badge was removed
You only got level badges for what tier level you were at when you first starting playing
Level badges were never in crates

The badges in crates are just pointless symbols that mean nothing
As someone else said they are just fillers

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there never was a tier 12 badge. There were two that weren’t unlocked for me when I got the game tier level 1 badge and forza loyalty badge which you get for playing 3 or more previous forza games I think… something like that.

When they ripped out the Car levels they might as have taken the badges with it. Badges are silly, useless, pointless in this game. No sense of accomplishment what’s so ever. I got a atom bomb looking thing a long while ago and it will probably always be that. Terrible decision.

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