LED day time running lights

I’ve noticed on a few of my cars there is no daytime running lights? Yet on my cars in horizon 3 their is? Anyone else getting annoyed by this?

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Yes I am a lot lol, like the focus rs has not got any on neither does the huracan just to name a couple. Laziness!!!

Yep my i8 has no running lights on

Not only do the DRLs not work on the Durango but all the analogue gauges disappear when the headlights are not on.

RS7, RS5, and 09 RS6 don’t work either. Kind of disappointing as they have worked in previous games as you mentioned…

Very annoying for me either. Especially with BMW and it’s angel eyes and most of Audis as well. I hope it will get fixed, because most of cars are losing their character without DRLs turned on.
Thing that I liked about FH3 were especially DRLs making car visible during the day in dark forest or anywhere else.

This is the one thing that is triggering me the most lol.

Hope a fix will come soon.

If you really do, just create a bug report on support page.

Reviving this old thread. I’m more butthurt about this than i thought i would be. Where are the DRL’s playground? DRL’s are so important to front end design of so many cars, the ingame models almost don’t look like their real world counterparts without them.

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