Learning Tuning MX-5 Cup Spec

Rookie here, so, I’ve been trying to learn tuning. I’m concentrating on one track and car Road Atlanta and Mazda MX-5 Cup Spec. I’m in the top 1%, 1:44.367. I can tell that I can shave another 1 second with this set up but the top time in the world is 1:40 something. I don’t see me getting there without more tweaking.

One question I have is, does the racing line assist make a difference in overall time? Is there an actual advantage to running the racing line turned OFF?

The other thing slowing me down is racing without a clutch. I’m having a hard time putting the clutch into the mix with the wheel and pedal set. I can’t seem to get my time down to where it is without a clutch.

Backwoods Racing

Racing line gives little to no advantage when you know the track class combo, when you jump from track to track and between classes it help you with consistancy.

Clutch is pretty much a must have if you want to be really competitive, I’d say you loose at least 1 to 1,5 second without it. If you race without clutch I’d say upgrade your clutch and maybe flywheel.

Learn the track and it’s braking points. The side of the track is littered with marks and referenced (people, lights, flags etc) to help you find the rifht brakingpont and corner apexes.
The racingline is often conservative in the braking distances and speed indications.

I just turned it off the last two weeks or so and it will take a little getting used to but I believe I got faster by doing so.