Learning corners

Hey guys new thresd new question
I have seen some Forza RC racing now those guys are pro’s
But they race with controllers how can i learn take corners better and faster in hair pins i come almost to a halt, do i need configure my controller somehow for better braking and cornering?

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Adjustment of the controller deadzones from their default values would be worth trying if you haven’t done that already.

Are you honing your skills without TCS and ABS? No ABS lets you brake later and no TCS lets you finesse around the turn. Throttle and brake practice are also key.

Also if you use suggested line remember that although this is a good reference line, it is not the utmost best. Depending on the car and tuning, there is usually always a better line with less braking required.

Sticking to and practicing with one or a few cars and learning their limitations will allow you to squeeze the most out of your car.

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