Learn to drive without braking line?

Hi Guys,

I’m looking at how I can improve and more importantly achieve consistent competitive lap times. I’m currently using a controller, with all assists turned OFF except for the braking line. Do I stand to improve if I turn it off? Most times I tend to ignore its suggestions, but I realise that I will have to take a lot time to learn the tracks (braking points etc…).

So is this worth doing and will it help me improve (be more competitive in rivals/MP)?

Thanks for the help.


It will help you keep your eyes up the road with it off. In some professional driver coaching schools, they cover the bottom third of the windshield to get a driver to stop driving with their eyes a foot in front of the car. The further you look ahead wile driving, the less chance of getting caught up in someone else’s wreck, and less chance of being surprised by a corner.


Like Raceerfink mentioned. Don’t focus on the Brakeline, but focus on “where you want to go” even if it’s two corners away.

I have the Brakeline in but fir corners only.

Reason being, that in cockpit view, it’s often difficult to pick the corner in some cars due to windscreen reflections etc. it helps me, but not used as a braking guide.

There’s times I have it off as it’s not really needed. If you race via hood mode, it would similarly apply I think?

But in outside car views, you really don’t need it. But again, do try not to focus on the line,and after time, you’ll not even notice it, and then simply turn it off.

You’ll have gained an idea of where brake points are on most major track and ribbons.

I race 99.5% in cockpit view,Mao it simply helps me especially in rain and at night on tracks like Spa and Le Mans etc.

Nice to see another Aussie… Sydney-sider??


Do you want to get faster or have more fun? I turned off the BL about 2 years ago. I am still faster with it on but I enjoy the game much more without it. There are plenty of distance markers, etc. to help you. I find the BL distracting now. I enjoy the whole track experience instead of having my eyes glued to a stupid line in the middle of the road. That’s what I’m going for.

I don’t actually glue my eyes to the line, I think most that use it merely use it as a guide to compensate for lack of real sensory cues. Especially if you’re switching classes and cars a lot, and driving different tracks. That is a lot to store in your memory, so the line is just a bt of help. Lots of games have ‘help lines’ in their own way.

I’d like it if the line has 3-4 levels of strength, like beginner to pro. Ex. on pro the line only shows up at the very last second, only when you seriously should be considering braking LOL

I agree that the line can really screw you if you’re overdependant on it. Especially in traffic!

I recommend using trackside signage, and landmarks if the signage gets wiped out.

Find a braking marker for your favourite car, and use that spot to inform your braking in any car you drive. In faster cars, brake before that spot, and later in a slower one.

If racing others privately or publicly - when practicing for race without brake line wipe out all the trackside signage 100m board etc.

These will all be gone in heavy braking zones so don’t ever use the boards as where to brake

Personally I like no braking line but I’m more consistent with it on. So when racing it is usually on. I don’t follow its direction it’s literally another landmark on the track. Where I found I missed it the most were long bends pouhuon at spa where I you can get braking point but give a bit too much throttle though turn and go wide. That’s where apparently it’s input helped me the most.

Other then that it’s just another landmark which refines where you decide you braking point is maybe it’s 1/2 way in red, maybe it’s right when red starts.

While it is good for immersion factor, all most all the fast guys have the line on. So if your going for fast times., consistency I would leave it on: don’t listen too it, use it for additional landmark for where you need to brake in car, a landmark that can’t be knocked away

Look into turn , pick marks with perifiral vision. But focus on where you want car to be. Focus up the track. That’s how we know to brake in real life. It takes a bit getting used to in FM but because of two dimensions (flat screen) but that the gist for me running with out brake line. But I will say I’m not an expert at it because I have it on more often then not. Just what works for me with out it on.

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100% this.

I promise you that you’ll pick it up really easy. As a recommendation, start with a track like Monza or Silverstone - tracks with better track-side sinage. Or use a track you know particularly well.

If you look, you’ll notice boards with either the numbers 300, 200, 100, or 3 lines, 2 lines, 1 line. Those boards are the distance in yards to the entry of the corner, and (speed depending obviously) you can judge it from that.

Or, start with the line on, but use the boards for reference. You’ll find the line is a little too safe, and if you go by that, you’ll find yourself going too slow into the corner and having to coast or accelerate a bit to get back to speed befire the corner. This takes precious time off your pace. Once you get a feel of it, turn the line off and start the process over from the above paragraph.

It isn’t too hard a transition. Like turning your other assists off, it takes a bit of time to adjust.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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When you say all assists off but braking line I assume you use simulation steering if that’s the case just look at the corner and focus on creating a straght line through the corner cause that’s the fastest way around the corner only a small few like myself can get top 10 times with braking line off and simulation steering on with all other assists off and I too use controller.

I’m not going to make the argument that your lap times can be faster if you learn to race without the race line aid, but you will be a better driver in that you can figure it out on your own without needing the game to tell you how to get around. Being able to race without it can be a useful skill in general since not all games have a line aid and being able to effectively race without the line would be useful in those games. Further, there is no line aid in real life, so if you’d ever race in anything in real life, even if just kart racing, the ability to get around on your own without help of a magic line aid would be useful.

Personally, when I set up private multiplayer races (haven’t actually done it in 6 yet) I always force the race line aid off, so any player racing with me in a lobby I created can’t rely on a magic line.

I prefer to drive without the braking line because I find it distracting and sometimes it causes me to brake earlier or harder than I normally would. I’d rather take the time in pre-race practice to figure out my braking zones.

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A few weeks before Triton’s challenge is when I first stopped using the breaking line, I recommend you do this because it will teach you how to take multiple lines through a turn, it will also give you a better idea of a particular car’s grip limits through trial and error which will allow you to take turns with ease if you are forced to take the outside or inside line.

I’ve tried turning it on for the Watkins Glen rivals event, but found it only slowed me down due to me being too focused on what colour the line is rather than looking for the apex.

A way you can learn racing without the line quicker is by setting up your own endurance races in free-play and just try and race with a pack, this will give you an idea of racing line, braking points, and will give you some practice driving in close quarters when online.

You can learn braking points in the game the same way you do in real life. Nearly every track has brake markers (4,3,2,1 or 400,300,200,100, etc…) or if not, at least landmarks. Threshold brake at an early one to start (threshold braking is maximum braking without locking up the tires, easy with ABS on, harder without). If you scrub off too much speed, brake later next time. If you come in too hot, brake earlier. You refine this every lap until you have it just right. And guess what, as you get better at every corner, you will carry more speed down every straight, and therefore have to constantly re-asses your brake point. Or, if passing on the inside, you will have a tighter apex and therefore need to brake more. Or if the surface is wet (in this game water is like flippin’ ICE), brake a LOT earlier. :slight_smile:

This process is fundamental to being a race car driver.

I would say you have an opportunity to get faster without the line, but there will be a learning curve based on how quickly you can learn the tracks and establish firm landmarks (not those number signs that get destroyed in the first lap). There are many variables to consider, and the braking line eliminates the need for you to consider most of them (to a point). To get faster you will need to develop instincts that allow you to rapidly adapt based on car, speed and track, and now conditions (night and rain). Once you do, you are no longer a slave to the artificial braking line and will be able to choose better braking points, find the apex instinctively and navigate corners faster.
I went back to using the braking line with FM6, because I hadn’t played FM5 and there are so many new tracks that I just don’t know well enough. It’s a crutch and, after only a few weeks, I am already trying to talk myself into ditching it.


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If you’re looking at the braking line, chances are you’re not looking far enough ahead. As you approach a corner, for instance, you should be focused on its exit and beyond.

Very true, like many have said, look where you want to be, and your brain will get you there.

It’s a lot like using a flight sim. You’re travelling wayyyyy too fast to look directly in front of you, say going through a canyon or valley under radar etc, but you look at the next bend, sweeping turn or area you want to get through.

Next thing you know, you’re through and ploughing ahead full steam.

For me, I only have the line on for corners, and dimply as a perriferal guide to indicate a corner,bend is approaching and in what direction. Especially at night or in the rain… With some tracks via cockpit view point, seeing the actual track is sometimes impossible when the track is soaked, or there’s illuminated barriers at night that blend into each other as headlights catch them.

Like in Spa at night at the first chi ain after the long straight up the hill. It’s very difficult to discern the Esses due to the striped barriers and it’s easy to miss the apex or even the entry point. So having it on, I notice it out of the corner of my eye, and know the corner is either just ahead, I’m approaching too fast, but or I’m about to overshoot it…

Make sense?



FM is a third person sim; the further we are from our car’s center of mass, the better our awareness and control. Sitting in the driver’s seat would be brutal.

Sure is, but as a saying goes … “I wouldn’t have it any other way…” I do prefer this POV in almost every racer I’ve played that’s offered it. Failure to that, then bonnet cam. But very very rarely.

It sure makes life more difficult, but that’s how it is in RL… Well, damn close to it anyhow.

The 3rd person perspective just reminds me far too much of my youth playin Daytona in at the fun parlours… If I can see it through a windscreen, then that’s where I’ll be.

The steering wheel and hand movements don’t bother me, I basically block them out, and simply focus on what lays ahead.


2016 Lamborghini #48 Paul Miller Racing Huracán GT3

This perspective, a combination of driver and bonnet cameras, could actually encourage players to look much further ahead.

Non of the close camera angles allow me to focus correctly. I drive with the hood view and its to far zoomed in. Which the aspect ratio was adjustable.