learn to drive faster

slow players in lobbys need to learn to drive faster not for faster drivers to drive slower or to pick slow cars… slow dirty players should be kicked from lobbys not the fast clean lobby racers.

So you think that just because someone can’t run as quickly as you that they should be kicked from a lobby? That’s ludicrous.


i text slow DIRTY players… so you think slow low ranked dirty players should kick faster players from lobbys…

Dirty players being kicked goes without saying but I disagree with kicking slow drivers. Fast, skillful drivers should be improving their own race skills by waiting behind slower drivers for the opportunity to pass cleanly. What is the point in finishing several seconds ahead of the rest and getting annoyed by, or barging people that get in the way? It is natural for slower drivers to, for example, slow down for corners. Some fast drivers stay in their “track particular” full aero cars and tear through corners regardless of anyone else on the track. Maybe they should indeed get into slower cars to even things up and enter the cut and thrust of the middle of the pack. Is winning so important?


Fast, Slow, its all the same
its up to the experienced to teach the ones who need it most to be better competitors,
how else is a tradition of excellence passed on? A person could be raced and forgotten…or raced and remembered for something good they did, or some excellent show of sportsmanship.
its all a matter of perspective


you race to win why mess about in the middle of the pack… why even things up when you should pick your best car and tune and try your best to win races…

Spoken like a true racer, and all things being equal I would agree 100%. That said, where is the fun in beating the entire field by a mile? Do you truly get any satisfaction or enjoyment out of it? If I were to find myself in a lobby with new, less experienced or less skilled drivers than myself who I could beat quite handily, I most certainly would choose a more “suitable” car. I enjoy “racing” more than I enjoy winning. I get much more satisfaction coming in last in a hard fought nose to tail race than lapping the pack.


it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or mile winnings winning…

Do you also live your life a quarter mile at a time? LOL


You know what I dislike? I don’t like whingers. Weak, whinging, losers aren’t hard to come by in Forza. They usually are people that have been playing Forza forever, since Forza 1 or 2. They have usually long since peaked at the game, probably just around scraping into top 100 standard or worse, and race without TCS. Yesterday I had the most remarkable moment in my time playing Forza, which is approximately 4 years. I was racing S-class hoppers, as I do, and klutchkick nick joins the lobby. He’s the leader of the club ranked 1st overall in S-class, so you’d think he’d know a thing or two about S-class and racing. We race Catalunya, Road Atlanta and Sunset as is the order in S-class hoppers. I used a full handling Murcielago for all races and won all races comfortably. On Catalunya Nick used an AWD rs1800, on road Atlanta he used a McLaren F1 and on Sunset he used a Countach Lp5000. No problems on my end, although it was surprising he went from an AWD rs1800 to a McLaren F1 (on a track it is currently #23rd and is top 20 capable, albeit nicks best lap might be about top 300) but people can use Lotus for all I care. On Sunset he started out front and went off into a lead. I got through the traffic and caught him about 500ft through a few corners, I think he messed up, and he backed out of the race to the lobby. The next race was Nurburgring, I froze back in the lobby and had to restart my xbox. Jumped straight back into S-class hopper and it became apparent many people froze because the guys I’d just been racing were all jumping into this new lobby. Klutchkick Nick joined with his club mate. It’s on Catalunya again. I get out a Gallardo. I only race S-class but this was about to be my 1st ever race in a Gallardo, I’d tuned it the day before. Nice car. Straight away I get a message off Nick “really? A Gallardo? I thought you were good but you’re just another S-class try hard”. He was using a Honda NSX '05. I sent him a message back saying nothing but " I knew you were going to message me about this Gallardo". I did know he’d message me. I don’t know him but I have incredible instincts for the whingers in this game. You can see them a mile off. I seen him 10 mile off. Anyhow, we start off and he starts pole. Into the 1st corner he gets railed by some guy in an Evora and I go clean through and disappear. Nice. Road Atlanta I’m back in my handling Murcielago and he’s in Countach. I get battered all over, a few of which seem intentional which is a shame as I raced 100% clean. I know they’re all talking in the lobby but I’m not wearing my headset and I put voice volume at 0 so I can’t hear a word. Maybe he was getting people against me but that might not be true. Anyhow, he wins that 1. Sunset I’m still in my Murcielago and he’s in Ferrari 250 GTO. I think I started near the front but I remember I was 1st pretty much straight away and he got into 2nd within 1/4 of the 1st lap. I didn’t race great but ran clean 1.28.6 which was a lot better than his dirty 1.29.8. We move onto Nurburgring. I use Sesto Elemento and he uses Miura '06. He starts pole and his club mate starts 2nd. I start a little way back but within few corners I’m in 3rd right behind his club mate. I follow this guy for probably a mile on his bumper and don’t touch him at all. I get side-by-side with him and BAM smacks me straight off into the grass. I catch him back up and make a beautiful pass making not even the merest hint of contact with him. Most people would have smashed straight into him. By this point Nick is gone and wins that race. Indianapolis and he and his club mate back out. 15 minutes later and here’s the messages from Nick. The Gallardo, Murcielago and Sesto Elemento are easily top 50 cars. I’m 1 second faster in cars that are 2 seconds faster. He’d destroy me if I didn’t use leaderboard cars. These are his actual words and I still have the messages to prove it. Of course this doesn’t address the fact none of that cars I used have ANY top 100 times whereby he used a top 25 car and 2 cars that VERY recently had TOP TEN TIMES!! Words can’t describe. In 90% of the races, at least in my experience of the cars used on the tracks raced, I was bringing a knife to a gun fight.

What’s crazy is that there was no need for this behaviour. I wasn’t talking in the lobby and I was racing 100% clean despite being on the receiving end of numerous cases of aggressive driving. I’ve experienced cases like this countless times and nearly always from personalities like Nick. Just sore losers that simply can’t accept there’s people out there are notably better than them. The only surprise is that he never mentioned TCS, yet I’m sure if I responded to his messages it would have went down that route. He even said he remembers me complaining when he joined a SimR series and won 2 of the last 3 races…what on earth is SimR? I’ve done 3 organised races ever. 1 in early 2012 which was won by VVV Shifty. The 2nd was a race I did with Master Yoda I and we were running 3 seconds faster than anyone else so only did the 1st race. The 3rd and final was a race I did a few weeks ago which I was leading until I lagged out and I presume LMR Coco went on to win the race; either way NICK wasn’t in the race. Has he suffered some serious head trauma? I find the amount of weak, soft little girls in this game staggering. How is it that when I lose a race I get angry with myself and look to myself yet it seems most people think they race perfectly and any loss must be because the opposition had some unfair advantage. To the OP, I basically agree with you. For kicking fast people, the hoppers have never been close to as bad as they are right now. It’s shameful.

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Have to agree with the last post that people try WAY too hard even when the competition is not to their level which makes no sense at all. I’ve had races in the Horizon games where even I with sub-par (you can say Awful) racing skills compared to you pros with many years of experience, have blown the doors off of low level non race game noobs. I mean outta sight, DNF’d some of these guys. These races are nowhere NEAR as much FUN (perish the thought) as some of the close, nailbiting club races I’ve had where I’ve finished in the middle of the pack and had so many overtakes back and forth with people, and being in a club everyone tries to keep it clean. So if all you want to do is “baby bash” and beat down less skilled drivers, then I truly feel sorry for your superiority complex.


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Well said!

There are too many individuals who wreck everyone’s races, time and time again. When it comes to car select in the lobby they are the first to “vote to skip” in a attempt to make themselves ammune from being kicked, and they do it race after race. Thats my gripe, other than that it great racing with awesome drivers. On the OP, I’d love to be able to drive faster, same car, same tune, but fastest lap is 2secs slower!

If I get into a hopper, I’ll pull out silly cars because they’re fun to drive and a challenge to win with. In R3 I’ll use an SSC Ultimate Aero on Road America. Is it fast when driven right? Definitely. Is it easy? Definitely not. Most people can run faster times in S class than that car because of its difficulty. That being said, if I sucked in a leaderboard car more so than a “lobby” car, I’d probably use the lobby car anyway just to avoid hate messages. If you don’t like how public races go, host your own.

And Dsquared… You could use the 458 or the Fiero and you’d still get crap from those guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong, for pretty much the whole time playing this game i used average to less than average cars. I used a 599 GTO for an entire week. A Mercedes SLR on another week. Countless similar examples. I don’t need people telling me which cars to use. This last month or two my tuning setups have gotten WAY better and I’ve tuned some recognized fast cars for easy comparison and because it’s nice to see what good lap times you can get with your own setup. It’s satisfying. I’ve tuned a '99 viper, '08 Viper, Gallardo, Zonda, Miura, Daytona, Ferrari GTO and what of it? So I’ve started using some good cars that 99% of people only ever used. Even then the faster of these cars I’ve only used in private races, not in the hoppers.

What do you mean by “hopper”?

If somebody doesn’t like what cars you use or how fast you are, they shouldn’t make that your problem. As long as you’re racing clean, it’s their problem and they should back out and find a new lobby not try to kick you because you’re too fast for them.

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Hoppers are just lobbies.

kdogg788 racing in the middle of the pack is nailbiting I think you like to lose…

I usually stay out of conversations like this…but…
Did you ever think it’s your superior attitude that gets you kicked and not your “superior” driving skills?

Forza is a game, a form of entertainment, it’s supposed to be fun. Fun for everyone, not just a select few. So to each his own. There are all levels of drivers playing this game. I personally don’t care what someone drives in a race as long they are racing clean and with good sportsmanship. I also agree with some here. I’d rather be banging doors, rubbing bumpers, fighting for position using actual racing skills to win a race than just be the one with the most HP.
Winning isn’t everything unless you’re getting paid to race and have sponsors to please. Which doesn’t happen in a video game. If winning is that important to you, maybe you should go get a racing license and a race car and go do it for real and let us enjoy our game. After all, it’s a game. Don’t take it so seriously.