League Standing Starts Create Extreme Disappointment of Grid Chaos

There are two opportunities to get all of the league races off to a much cleaner start - or for that matter any multiplayer lobby race. There is nothing more disappointing than to sustain significant damage before you get off the starting grid. These usually occur because someone is distracted, asleep at the wheel, or their vehicle “stalls” on the grid. Lane changes to avoid contact create even more contact and chaos ensues. With Simulation Damage - ON, many cars of innocent drivers cars are crippled significantly. With the length of these races, being knocked out on the grid results in lengthy frustration waiting for the next race.

There are two “easy” fixes

  1. The rolling starts implemented in the MX-5 Spec Series practically eliminated the idiotic pile-ups that occur on the starting grid.

  2. For standing starts, Ghost EVERY Car for the first few seconds or feet - until all “moving” cars have cleared the grid.

With such easy options, why do we continue to suffer through standing start grid chaos???

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