League Question

Does each league have its own set, specific track list that always follows the same rotation, or are league tracks random? If they do have set track lists, is there a thread that posts what they are? I’ve searched and couldn’t find one.

Thanks you! Do you know if the track lists are posted anywhere?

Tracklists aren’t posted publicly. League threads like this one list the eligible cars however.

The two I participated the most in were for heavier cars. Both ran a variant or variants of almost all locations. I don’t recall running Le Mans Bugatti in Heavyweights but I did in Ultimate Grand Tourer. I don’t recall the test track or top gear in either league. I could have missed them though. I have not spent enough time running them though. I did start a list in this last one.

Test Track and Top Gear rarely show up in Multiplayer Hoppers at all, let alone Leagues.