League Impressions: B-Class - Professional

Now that the Intro league is closed, if you’re placed into B-Pro here’s what to expect. This is based on about 7 races so far this evening.

If you’re starting mid-pack or further, good luck. Keep an eye on your rear going into the first major corner. Numerous quick hot-hatches with poor-braking drivers.

Driving in clusters is hairy as you will work your way through a maze of spinning cars and tire smoke. Also beware cars spinning and backing-up across the track.

Also, if someone speaks on Mic I’ve noticed a brief stutter on-screen so keep your concentration up.

I’ve really only played online the last month on FM5 and now on FM6 so this might be old hat, but figured I’d share my experiences

Sounds like any other hopper race lol people don’t know how to brake into the first corner and think they will win the race on the first set of corners. They really need to disable collisions for the first half a lap or so and then turn then back on again. I know this isn’t realistic at all but man would it lead to much better clean and close racing. Everyone would spread out on the first lap and be near others who are close to they’re lap times. Also anyone who was a lap down aka griefers should be ghosted at all times. Online would be so much more enjoyable if they could implement this :frowning:

I played the Ford GT one a lot today and absolutely loved it.

Apart from the leader board, awards and sense of progression I liked that you don’t vote for tracks and run a strict schedule.

The problem with the normal hoppers in Forza 5 was that some tracks you rarely had chance to race online as people voted against them, whilst others became repetitive.

I love how everyone would vote for Nurburgring when it came up, but only like 1 out of 5 MP racers could handle that track. Just like S2 class in FH2, lol.

Yeah, a first lap ghosting and lap-down ghosting would be perfect really. Only race that was okay was on Alps, the track is wide enough that everyone could drive and not make skittles.

Yep, my first B class League race I started first, and at the first turn, with my cheeks clenched, I got T-Boned by a NSX that looked like it didnt even make an attempt to slow down. Welcome to multiplayer…

Yeah seems like maybe the ‘rankings’ are not indicative of how people will act on-track.

Earlier I was in contention for a podium finish, and was sandblasted from behind halfway through the final lap.

I’m in pinnacle and some of the cats in this lobby couldn’t pass clean if their life depended on it. Hopefully being rear ended every race doesn’t hurt my league ranking.

And a special shout out to the #2 ranked racer in pinnacle. The mini crutch is strong with this one. Haha.

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Who’s that trl wolf

That’s pretty messed-up people are using franken-mini in League play.

I’m in Elite and it’s the same thing. You think you’re doing good and then you get plowed from behind by someone trying to be a hero from the back.

On Sebring (night) I kept an eye on my rear view when someone was tailing me as we approached a 2nd-gear corner. As I started braking I drew a wide line and sure enough he flew by on the inside and right into the wall. If I had taken the line I originally would’ve he would’ve tagged me good.

I was in a lobby for many races with the top ranked guys in Elite and some of them were racing pretty dirty. I hope that is just my perception though and they were just doing the best they could with the situation but I was rear-ended enough times by repeat offenders to make me think that’s just how they choose to race.

One guy showed up to Catalunya in the Raptor and didn’t even try to slow for the first turn, it was total carnage.

Damn - I was hoping that the league races would be much cleaner! Wishful thinking on my part.

I got a payout of 226k from the introductory league, which was pretty cool.

They are for the most part. There’s usually just 2 or 3 people who cause headaches for everyone else. Once you got them cleared the racing isn’t bad at all.

IMO, the ranks are incorrect for the moment because of the low population of Ultimate Edition owners only. Once the rest of the gamers pick up their cheaper copies, people will start falling down to their correct skill ranks.

That being said, multiplayer racing with randoms is always a mess. The best way to handle proper racing is to setup an event with the explicit rules of clean racing. If you hit someone, you wait for them to get back on the track. If you go off the track, you wait for an opening to rejoin the field, not jump back in punishing everyone else for your mistake.

This first corner behavior is common in all racing games since before Forza existed.

I was in pinnacle with the Ford gt last night and was impressed. Clean bunch. I got it handed to me every race. Struggled to finish to 5.

Hopefully will continue to get lucky like that.

Had a mixed experience with leagues. The elite B class league has been generally competitive, but there’s a few people in there who are extremely overambitious with overtaking, resulting in some silly collisions.

Not to mention the mass corner cutting.