Where do you find this? I googled and searched here and Im not coming up with an answer. Im sure its the way Im wording my phrases, but I figured something would show up.

When a race ends Press X instead of A

If in free play when you select your track to race on Press X and this will bring up the boards you can also Press X at end of race to see you position on the boards.

If in Rivals highlight the track you want and Press Y for the boards, to cycle between boards Press X

Pleas note you will only see the board for the car type you are currently driving for exp if you have a Hot Hatch and it is Homogenized you will see all time for hot hatches only, if the car is not homogenized you will see a board for open class cars

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for now
homologated boards only

In a future update and they did not give any sort of time frame the old class based leaderboards are to return.


How on earth did I miss that snippet of news? I know it probably won’t happen for another 6 months but that just made my day!

Thanks for the info guys, Ill look at all the different ways you mentioned. I appreciate it!

Every track (rain and night also count differently) has a leaderbord for every division. If your car meets the division restriction that the car is set to you will be on the homologated leaderbords.

If your car is exceding the cars division PI or tyer width or power or not the correct tyre compound your car is not homologated so the car is in the non-homologated leaderbords. (one for every track)

About 66 divisions and about 200 tracks/ribbions so about 13 thousand leaderbords.

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That clears some things up for me, thanks. I understand the restriction concept better now.