Leaderboards not updating?

Is there a long delay on when leaderboards update?

I’ve twice now far surpassed by previous time on this speed tap and it hasn’t updated my time on the leaderboard at all, it still shows my worse, old time, even after quite some time.
Are there issues right now?

Edit: The issue might have been due to the patch coming out and the leaderboards being temporarily down. I did set a PB during that time, but apparently I had to beat said non-showing PB again for it to register my new time correctly.

I just set a faster time on the Deep Vale speed trap which hasn’t updated the leaderboard even though it does show as my new ‘PB’. I googled and found an old reddit thread about this particular event not updating, I wonder if there’s a glitch with it.

edit - just checked again 2 hours later and it’s still not updated. No big deal as it’s not a great speed anyway due to it being winter, but this is the first time I’ve noticed this particular issue since the game came out.

leader board is out of date, i’ve smashed plenty and all i see is old personal bests