Leaderboard time not updating?

Wondering if anyone else having issues.

Trying to take part in the Hoonicorn HLC competition (thread in the tuning section)

Driving Indianapolis GP in the Hoonicorn mustang, i posted a 1:19.047 earlier today and thought i’d give it another blast to see if i could beat it, managed a 1:18.347 (definitely clean) and my time hasn’t updated. I finished the race and pressed all the continue buttons proper to leave the race and when i checked leaderboard new time not posted :frowning:

Anyone else suffering issues? I was proud of that time so i’m gutted :frowning:

Sorry for you loosing your lap time, happened to me a couple of times in test drive, but as far as im aware never in a race or in rivals

Do you have friction assist turned off

Ther was also issues with xbox live earlier that might have contributed to it

Think i’ve fixed it, posted a time on a different track and now my time on the original track is updating when i post better lap times :slight_smile:

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I have had that a few times myself in the past weeks and what you did to fix it works because I had given up and changed tracks, went back in the same car it was fine. The same thing goes if you mess around with the buckets and it gets caught in a loop, even the reset to default doesn’t work - Change tracks > Go back > It’s like it never happened.