Leaderboard Issues

Hello all,

so I have seem to found a glitch in the leaderboards.
I’m currently going for some Rivals accolades and I’ve stumbled across this:

My PB on the Colossus in S1-Class is a : 13:22.194

I was using the Porsche in the beginning quite often, but I tuned it to S2 997, to make it faster for obvious reasons.
I never raced the Colossus in S1 class so that is weird already.
The next thing is, the Porsche 911 GT2 '18 is bone stock at 888
Bone Stock 911 GT2 as seen in the Auto Show

So I went ahead and drove with the Lotus elise GT1 in S1 to see if it was a stock car worthy time.
Well… surprise…
The Porsche ghost immediatly pulled bus lengths on the S1 meta car.

So then I took my Porsche and drove that around the Colossus and finished it in around 12:40.000.
Adding some traffic and missing track knowledge, I think it is safe to assume the apparent S1 time was driven with a S2 car.
There are multiple ghost times in that general area of the leaderboard which have the same weird behaviour.

I’m not understanding, but I don’t do Rivals currently.

Here are your two images you tried to link:

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Hey, thanks

The issue is, S2 times are added to the S1-Leaderboard. Im over a minute ahead of a few friends I know who are pretty fast