Leaderboard issue on Forza Horizon 2.

Hello, On Forza Horizon 2 Rivals Time Trial mode, there’s some people with time trials listed as being 00:00:861 and some other time trials that aren’t normal. Are these exploited time trials or is this a bug in the game? Thank You.

I have this bug watch my upload Channel (T10 BUG SRT.CIR. WR) . I don’t want to be ban for that …

For lot of people I can it’s the same thing but me I have a video

Anybody knows why?

Leaderboard? I’ve been searching for 2 weeks and can’t even find them in this game. I am guessing they are hidden somewhere that I am overlooking?

you have to be in rivals mode to access them. They are not usable in single player or online mode.

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