Leaderboard glitch? Server issue?

Hey all, so i spent all night getting highscores in drift zones and one particular zone leaderboard wont display the record i got instead shows a record i got over a month ago. Im pretty heated as the score would have landed me in top 200. Is anyone else having this issue or could someone explain how to fix this?

Were you connected to the internet at the time?

Did all of the Zone Confirmation toasts finish? (example: NEW PB!, Comparison with Rival, Stars, etc)

I had a similair issue on one of the drift zones in blizzard which was caused due my internet going out for a second at the same time of which i reached my new best.

For me it displays my “real best” on the offline highscores but when i click on “x” to go to the online highscores it still shows the old record.
I tried beating it but only could beat the one that is being displayed on the online highscores and not the one on the offline highscores … So basically the game does not realize that the score has not been updated to the online highscores.

The only way to fix it in my case is to beat the record again while my internet is working fine, since your issue seems similair i think that you also would need to beat it again unfortunately

Run it again.

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