Leaderboard Drag Tunes Shared

I have shared all my drag tunes from D class to X class, all are easy to use, full gas or drop and catch it tells you how to run them in description, these tunes will get you in top 10 as my friends will verify. also have circuit tune up that will achieve top 50 and a couple of oval tunes up that can achieve top 10

feed back welcome enjoy


A bit off topic but have you ever posted Open Source Builds that you use for your tunes as I like to do my own tuning?

How did you get a RUF Yellowbird to go 9.250 on the 1/4 mile drag with the 450 HP restriction in the Feb, 2014 monthly challenge? The best I’ve done is 9.483 seconds. I can’t seem to get the extra 2 tenths to match everyone else!

send me friend request will help you out

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Definitely the best shared tunes out there. I would guess 50% of the top 20 is using burns tunes. Better get em while they’re still shared!

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You’ve got some great times, I’ll be definitely picking up some of these! I ran your Syclone tune for the VIP Rivals and pretty much running the same times as mine with it. Nice job man!

thanks, hope they help you out

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As mentioned above… Fantastic top 10 drag tunes by one of the best tuners in the game.
Highly recommended!

Ps: not bad for a circuit racer :wink:

Thanks for sharing!!

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thanks m8

Mr Burns your tunes ROCK!!!
Thanks for sharing them…

no probs stormy glad to help

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Do you have a Focus RS or Mitsubishi GTO drag builds?

sorry I don’t have any tunes for them

Hey Mr Burns :D…could you do me a Merc SLK 55 AMG drag tune for use in both 1/4 1/2? …I understand this is a weird choice of car but I feel it could be competitive

got 1 shared its RWD and in S class

I can confirm fat burns tunes are nothing short of awesome. I myself have been trying to come up with better but simply fall flat.

Picked up your Lotus Esprit tune for the ‘Middle Ages’ drag and got a 22.234, #17 on LB. Nice work burns!

Thanks WarMachin32 glad you like them.

Good time swtluu21 was that in the RWD or AWD tune

Thanks! It felt like AWD so I’m going to say that. I didn’t know there was 2 versions

Picked up your VW Beetle for the Dragstalgia Rival, pretty sure this is RWD, and got 9.15 #19 on LB.

Good time on beetle m8, I have made a new tune that’s faster and will be sharing it this weekend