Leaderboard Cars

Why does the majority of the player base for this game insist on using leaderboard cars in every single race??? Every lobby I join is more than 50% Vipers in S class and the Vipers just smoke everybody.

Everyone can drive what’s on the own favorite list. The other thing is “leaderboardcars” don’t exist from its own. It depends on which parts are used for the upgrade. The only car so far stock in S-Class really can be a leaderboard car, is the Ferrari BBLM.

I’m quite sick tho of hearing “leaderboard car blabla” because 99% only see the car and not whats behind.

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Why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance of winning?

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Because it gets boring destroying scrubs and running top 50/100s without trying.

It’s also more fun, IMO, to make something else fast/competitive that just so happens to be a car I like a lot.

Others have big egos to fill, so running the top cars to win satisfies them. To each their own.

In addition the Viper is a leaderboard car. If I had it ready to go and others did as well in the MLG competition for S class, you better believe it’s a top car.


Tyskie is right the upper class. I finally ventured beyond B class lately and was running in P class. There the Jag, mazda, old porches that pretty much destroy the entire class. You have to atleast 2 secs a lap faster to run something else, and still be competitive. Its not.like the lower classes might give up 1/2 second.

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THANK YOU! It’s so boring!!! If everyone had the attitude “why not give yourself the best chance of winning”, then everyone would all drive the exact same cars, which would be incredibly boring.

If your objective is to win, this is the best answer.

The way I see it, if you respect other drivers on-track and don’t cut corners, you can drive whatever you want and I won’t care one bit.


^ This is the perfect example of player to mute and avoid.

You are literally nobody to tell me I can’t drive a Viper.



I’m not saying you can’t drive it, but I’m saying that you shouldn’t drive it. The facts are the facts: the Vipers in S class dominate. It gets old.

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Do you realize you’re making a butt out of yourself? Again, you are literally nobody to tell me I shouldn’t drive a Viper.
Thank God you are not in charge of anything. I’m not gonna stop driving and have fun with my beloved Viper just because you say so.
I’m damn proud of using it the way I do, challenging myself and driving clean. Now THIS is a fact :wink:
Do you even know what setup I’m using on it? Nope.
Do you even know on what tracks I use it? Nope.

Just like GTz Lucifer says, you:

What’s behind: setup and driving skills. I don’t even use TCS/ABS or anything.

Since you are just another player and since nobody will make me feel guilty for driving a Viper (again, the way I do…the hard way), I don’t see any reason why I should give you any more attention.


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LOL driving S-Class cars and below(and even most R-Class Cars) are dirt easy to drive with no assists. You dont have SKILLZ for driving a Viper at S and winning just because you don’t use abs and tcs, the car is still dominate at S and is easy to win in, I dont even race S-class often and even I know that.

You don’t race S class often, so you don’t know. I’m not driving your average handling setups. It’s all about setups (and on which tracks you use them) but you still-don’t-get-it. But yeah keep believing what you want if it makes you happy.

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90% of r class cars that are competitive are extremely hard to drive without tcs at full pi so I’m not sure where your getting your infomation from its certainly not experince. Sure u can drive them but u will be off pace unless u have serious throttle control skillz.

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I only drive GT cars at R and other actual cars (no radical CanAm cars, F1,etc). And if you filter the R class leaderboards for GT division I am in the top 40 on every track and those times are all set with no assists. Also if you go to P I’m even higher ranked on those leaderboards with no assists too. I do run the breaking line but that is because I have mild ADHD and lose train of thought and forget that I have to break for a corner and go straight on.

It’s easy to get top 100 if you filter right. I have a ton of NO1 division times, because most of top people are posting in faster division. I had haved top 100 hardcore times in P class and 5 +seconds or more. The brakeline is one of the best assist there is. I won’t get to high on your horse.

“Brake line is one of the best assist there is” uhh no. I’d say that it is in this order TCS, Manual(no clutch on most cars), Normal steering, then the brake line. The brake line accomplishes the exact same thing that memorizing which meter board to brake at, the information is just displayed to you in a different form. Braking line just helps so you don’t have to memorize every braking point for every different car( going back to my old point I don’t just race the same 2 cars at R like the M8B and the Radical, if I did I could easily go without the braking line, but I don’t).

It’s sounds like you only one division of cars.
manual without clutch is only fast in a few cars. It’s actually slower in 90% of the cars. You dead wrong on this one.
It’s debatable if the line or TCS is more beneficial. Probably depends on class. Tcs is slower in most cars until maybe R class.

90% of the top times at R, P and X are without clutch. However clutch is better in every other class as the transmissions get [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

I have done both and I can tell u now that getting a top 10 without tcs In the gt division is very hard. Even breeze who is no1 on nearly every track uses tcs. Some gt cars are manageable with tcs off and there are some ppl that can manage tcs off no matter what but that is a true skill far beyond myself. I suppose the point is don’t call someone out for driving a car unless you know the full in and outs of the situation. I think you have made some sweeping judgents in your comments that are unfair and inaccurate. Imo anyone who uses tcs off has skillz certainly more skillz than me. In fact id say 9 times out 10 they put themselfs at a disadvantage

Yeah you right I ain’t calling anyone out, the only reason I did it here is because he was justifying using the viper by saying it was ok since he didn’t use abs or TCS. That’s just not a good excuse to me but to each their own. Also R class leaderboards would be great if they would get rid of the people using homemade trigger stops(easy to tell by looking at telemetry), times that were done by corner cutting and extending (Hockenheim turn 1 or Yas Marina second long straight) and for every leaderboard in general if they made tunes public.