Lead Dog Achievement broken? 0%

I got over 50% of this achievement before the latest patch.

After several multiplayer races my progress went slowly down to 0%. After each race i lost some %.

Now its at 0 and i cant get it back up.

That sounds really strange.
I had a similar problem but for me, the percentage dropped from about 24% to 0% from one race to the other, not gradually descending like yours did.
However, this should be just a communication bug between the game and the Xbox One OS.
The game should still count your lead miles, my achievement popped eventually.

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Where do you find out this statistic? I’m working toward the Lead Dog thing myself. No idea how much I have left to go though.

As far as I know it can’t be seen within the game.
At least I haven’t found an entry in my stats other than the achievement progress in the dashboard.

It must tell you the relevant info somewhere since TC says he was about 50% of the way there?

That was the achievement tracker on the Xbox One Achievements App, not in-game.

The Xbox Dashboard will let your track achievement progress however the dashboard isn’t always up to date.

For example I’ve had a number of achievements with progress tracking that have remained consistently at 0% and then one day popped. This happened with one of the early FM5 challenges for me (complete a certain number of races before a certain date). I’ve also had the issue with the progress tracker registering some progress and then reverting to 0%. This has happened with a number of BF4 challenges for me.

Don’t worry about it. Just keep ploughing ahead and the achievement/ challenge will pop.

I was playing with a friend online working on the multiplayer medals on the 1/4 mile 8-car drag course with him using metric and me using english units. After a lot of races, the specific number I can’t remember, my medals and miles lead trackers on the achievement list just dropped away back to 0%. After 1 more race, my medals counter came back up to the proper amounts, but my miles lead counters have never recovered and are stuck on 0 despite racing in multiplayer public & private, all Nurburgring courses, Indiana Speedway Oval, and Long Beach Full. I have probably led well over 100 miles on these races and all of my counters are still at 0. I DID earn the first achievement for leading before my friend and I started playing the drag races. He would take 1st on every drag race so I don’t know if that caused the counters to reset or if the different units caused an issue.

I even tried deleting my save locally and refusing the save files to resync which cause me to have to race the McLaren over again and the counters STILL won’t budge. Every other achievement I’ve attempted tracks or unlocks just fine, even ones that involves miles such as driving the Ferrari/McLaren on Nurburgring.

Does anyone have a fix to this or can someone at he dev team look into this and see if I’m permanently stuck or if there’s a fix? I don’t really want to have to delete my save entirely because there’s 40+ hours of work put into it that I don’t want to lose.

I am currently having the same issue my tracker is stuck at 0% . Am I still gaining progress even if tracker is not?

I have all the other Achievements for leading in multiplayer races, but for Lead Dog, the Achievement tracker is showing no progress. Does anybody have any suggestions?

so this achievement is still bugged and devs just don’t care? did anybody try to talk with support? im in the same boat here :frowning: no tracker showing progress at all. not even 0% display.

I still have a lock symbol for Born Leader (lead for 200 miles in multiplayer). I’ve probably led for around 500 miles, but all four achievements just have the lock symbol. It’s been a couple of weeks since I started. My friend that I play with is getting credit for his. I hate playing multiplayer, so I really hate not getting credit for it. Should I continue to seemingly waste my time?

Hey guys! How are you? Have any of you been able to fix this? I’m very sad about that, I have more than 100h in game and I need these four achievements of lead to finish the basegame, I have 93 achievements in this game, but I’m not able to finish the basegame because the devs don’t care with us and don’t want help us… Please, if any of you know how I fix these achievements I’ll be very thankful and happy! Thanks for helping.