LB Cars

What makes a car a LB car, Top 10, 50, 100 time, and if classified as a LB car for one track, is it considered a LB car full stop for all tracks.

I consider a LB car that is well know to be extremely fast on just about every track.

You can also have track specific lb cars but those don’t get near as much hate as an all around LB car while driving in lobbies

Due to Forza’s broad classification system, in every class there are cars which are extremely better than the others, and some which are just terrible. A good example of an overall dominant LB car in a class is the Ultima GTR in R class, which has insane power and speed and with a tune can have decent handling as well. On pretty much every track you’ll find one with a top 10 time.

I come across alot of Alfas, 08 Vipers, Monos & KTMs in S Class, most of which are very poorly driven. My current go to car is a 99 Elise, which i got called out for running around Watkins Glen full, with a fastest clean lap of 1:45.6. Surely there should be some credit given to driver skill involved in extracting LB times, not saying that my time was a LB one

Yeah there probably should be some credit due to you, but honestly others in the lobby wont see it that way. Because they perceive its a LB car they will assume its always the car and not you. but that’s people for you.

Even in the Stock car races people will comment how people hack and tune their cars to beat them. its how it is -and will always be.

I don’t care what you run but the 99 Elise is undoubtably a leaderboard car in s-class.

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This. It was in my rotation for the S class MLG competition and I only used LB cars.

For S class to me it’s one of the 5 best cars to use on most tracks. It’s far from an oddball and anyone well versed in S class knows this.

I race alot and exclusively in S Class, and have only come across 3/4 guys driving it. The alfa, viper, mono or KTM are the principal choices, by a country mile.

95% of S class racers are garbage and cannot drive. What you see in lobbies is not a good representation of acualities. Since most people are garbage, they will favor cars that handle better. The 99 Lotus isn’t noob friendly but if you can drive it’ll torch the field.

Generally lobby lb cars you’ll see used are the ones that are easy to drive. Hence why in lower classes you’ll see a bunch of 97 civics.

In D class, for example, the 70 camaro and chevy nova are the two best cars by a big margin at Daytona 24 hour. Hardly anyone online uses the cars because they cannot handle all of the power and low grip. And then when grip tracks come up, the Cosmo and civic are used and the players are magically faster.

The players who are above average or are good in the class know the fastest cars. If you race one, you’ll get called out on occasion depending on who is in the lobby.


So what are you saying here? Cos you haven’t seen it much in lobbies it’s not a leaderboard car? I’m not talking about the cars you seen most of in lobbies, though. We’re talking about leaderboard pace and what is/isn’t a leaderboard car. That’s what you were talking about when you started the topic. In s-class, the 99 Elise is an outright proper leaderboard car. I really couldn’t give one, but you have been running a leaderboard car in lobbies and you know how people get when people do that.

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Your tone is pretty confrontational (imo) but luckily I’m easy going. I was just curious as to peoples view of what makes a LB car, given I’m not aware there is a definitive description, unless there is one ?

Your view is just as a valid as anyone elses, no more so or less so.

Interesting to hear the differing views.

How I would classify LB car

Take any leaderboard, Check top 50 times, if a one single car model gets over 20 hits on top 50 it’s leaderboard car at least on that track.

Then there is “the next best things” Cars that perform extremely well but can’t quite get the top spots, How ever the car can be seen very often on top 100 but not often enough to call it LB car.

In my opinion a tier 1 lb car is a car that can get a top 10 time on a particular track.

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Its all subjective, my view of it is that if you go out of your way to get a car that is not your choice or idea but from the leaderboard. If you want a straight up advantage and you let the leaderbord do all the work for you then that’s a LB car imo.

I’m getting tired of the LB cars showing up in the A,B,C,S lobbies. That lobby is generally a place for people to pull out fun cars they can’t use in a regular class lobby. It seems like lately though, people are showing up with their LB cars because they can’t hack it in the regular lobbies. But they can finish two seconds ahead of a non-LB car in the A,B,C,S lobby!

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I don’t really mind racing against LB cars as I can often beat them with my 02’ Corvette, it’s only when using these cars they seem to think they have the right of way whenever they choose just because they can go faster in certain parts of the track.

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It seems the ultimate Forza LB car is the '97 Honda Civic. For whatever reason Forza has had this car dominate several lower tiers for the entire franchise.


I’d say it’s simply a car people pick because they know it’ll do extremely well in whatever class. I don’t really care what cars people drive tho (with the exception of the OP Aston in endurance hopper) I personally try to drive as many cars as possible.

This may be true for Lower than r class but you don’t see many gt cars beating the m8b unless the drivers skill is very low

Why do you belive the Aston is op compared to the jaguar/porsche gt1/nismo. In the modern gt division all these cars are lb cars, the lb is not a very accurate picture due to the lack of really really fast drivers from the division lb. The only reason the Aston features the most on the lb is because
No1 it’s not dlc
No2 it’s a very popular choice (not because it’s fast)
No3 it’s extremely easy and forgiving to drive but hard to get the extra time out of it.

I have seem JSR rossi do the following times in the nismo nurb GP Silverstone GP
1.15.00x road Atlanta road America catalunya

I keep asking him to set a new account up so we can get an accurate picure on the gt division lb

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