launch day error

so for some reason i cant reply to my old thread so im just making a new one.
i received 1 billion credits and xp on the day of launch AFTER COMPLETING A BUCKET LIST CHALLENGE. I immediately contacted microsoft support and was told i would be fine as it was not my fault and the credits would be removed within 48 hours. nothing happened so after about a week i contacted them again and they said to not worry as turn 10 would fix this. months past and i continued to play the game without hassle until earlier this year i logged on and i now cant use any online features. i called microsoft support and the agent said that microsoft support have no contact with turn 10. Basically i was lied to when i was told turn 10 was notified and would remove the credits. i tried emailing turn 10, they responded saying somehow ON THE DAY OF LAUNCH i gave myself the credits. Turn 10 now are not responding to my emails. Plz help

I was scammed out of over $150 aud and when i try to contact someone i either get ignored or blocked

How many wheel spins did that give you and what level did it bump you up to

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