Latest update is Pile of Garbage!!!

Well, After having problems with an occasional crash whilst playing Forza Horizon 3, Thanks to the Latest Update, It now Crashes at the Menu screen and i can’t even play it AT ALL!!

£50 wasted!!! I want a full refund now because this is insane!

Try doing a system reboot.

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I got the blank black screen at boot a few times, restarted the system and it worked again. I have my fingers crossed that I don’t have to do that every other time on future boots.

Use the refund money for some anger management sessions.


The update for me has been great.I closed all background tasks. I downloaded it. Restarted the PC () like I always do after a major change () It lowered my fps by a bit but I can still play at a solid 30 so I’m not fussed. All slowdown and pauses and crashes are gone. So why does it work for me and not for you if it was a pile of garbage. Also, think about this… How many hundreds of thousands of ppl out there have the game, and you see maybe 10 or so complaining that it broke their PC? Logic states that the problem lies with your system and not with the update itself.

Done countless Reboots, Crashes every single time at menu screen. i seriously give up with this game. It used to play for a good hour or 2 before a crash, Now it wont even fire up. Nothing wrong with my System what so ever before people start that, My system is well Above spec and working 100000% Piss poorly executed game is what is the problem! Now excuse me, I am going to go for a lie down and dream of the days when Forza used to be great :frowning:

Ok your system is perfect. And the hundreds of thousands without a problem are wrong. Game is a pile because you cannot play it. Look friend. Don’t give up. Before I give it away I would uninstall and reinstall. Disable all programs for this including the virus scan. Before you do that, run an anti malware program. You could have stuff running in the background which stuffed up and corrupted the download. I know it’s a annoying but if your base game is corrupted, then nothing will work and it is not the programs fault.

In my case, the framerate dropped from 50/60 solid to 20fps in menu and 15fps in game; nothing changed since last play…again…this game is getting better and better:

my lovestory with the game in three phases:

A) Early releas: download difficulties, wasted days of early access with huge download starting over and over again;
B) Finally download out of winstore: game almost stable, some crash, some drop fps, performance below expectation anyway (gtx970)
C) Update: framerate drop to unplayable
D) what else??? the game is awesome, I had a great week with tons of XP and Kilometers, both on and offline…and now? lost again.

100 bucks to play someday?
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but then we have some smartguys telling you’re wrong because you’re system is wrong and everyone else is happy…
my flying friend, please would you stop being a fanboy?
This software is a pile of junk for how badly has been coded, that’s it. Thousands of posts, discussion, web pages to testify that this is actually the worst porting/launch of history, and that because the game is so bloody good but most people cannot really play it properly just because has been coded so horribly bad.

well…let’s see when they fix it, if they ever. at this stage I just think I should go back my old x360 and FM4, something done by t10 when they know what they were doing.

Well i got to say right here it doesn’t work for me either, still the same after the update:
My PC specs:

i5-4590 @ 3.30GHz
MSi Radeon R9 290X

not a nasa pc but microsoft please, it’s definitly good enough to run it properly, funny thing is it depends in which mood forza is. Sometimes it’s running properly (and by properly i mean 30 fps with stuttering and not really fun to play but at least it’s working), sometimes it decides to be unplayable and just crash after driving half a mile away from the festival side.