I’m finding from the start the I HAVE LATENCY on the game which is making it very hard to play. I had it in Horizon 2 but I got use to it. My friends cant play it at all because of it.

Now I have done the three qualifying races, just! I’m stuck on the next race and I can’t move on. After 25 odd tried I started to see a similar pattern appearing. I was held back at the start and then when I wanted to break I had to give DOUBLE the distance or I would just fly past the corner. My ABS for some strange reason will not work correctly but other cars, (ALL seem to stop almost immediately).

Better still, is the fact that the car I took out is the car I drive every day and I can tell you the Physics on the car is very wrong.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice and still it drives like nothing I would get in to!

More than likely it’s your tv. If your TV has a game mode turn it on. If not, turn off all motion smothing stuff. All that extra processing stuff on your TV will add a ton latency.

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Yup I have a Samsung 4k tv and engage “Game Mode” :slight_smile:

Yep, I have a 4k Samsung TV and its in game mode. Everything is off. All the other consoles work great but my Xbox and Forza 6 and Horizon 2 just don’t play ball.

You can clearly see there is something wrong in one of the turns. There is no response from the controller when trying to turn or even accelerating. It takes the xbox 1 or 2 seconds to get its act together.

Shame as I can’t get off the level, I will not be play it for much longer.

I had another play this morning and its not me. My partner even said that their is something not quite right about the physics of the game. The NEW FORD GT’s abs locks up and I can’t turn so I am stuck going round some corners at 35 - 45 miles an hour. I have checked and the ABS is on!

So I pulled up Gran Turismo and yes its head and shoulders above Forza (which I enjoyed playing on Horizon 2 but not Forza 6). I’m in control of the car and I feel like I am, not the game in control of me!

I have put a service call in with MS (SR#1304119212) who have been brilliant about this. (I’m now waiting for Forza to see what they do?).

As I said from the very start, I don’t want my money back I just want to play the game…

Last night and this morning I kept on trying to get in the top three and the GAME keeps pulling me back. Cars that crash and I go passed will suddenly come flying passed me even throw I have a huge lead on them and my speed is very good.

I took the NEW FORD GT out and started to over take the VW’s (Very nice). But from the start things where wrong. The accelerator has less room, i.e. when I press the flap it spins, but last night and before nothing. I was having to move it down at least a quarter before any response. The game seems to be moving the goal posts all the time on the same thing.

As I have not had any joy with Forza getting back to me as MS said they would, I’ve uninstall the game and just given up. I will not be downloading the game again a FORTH time.

MS (SR#1304119212)

I’ll be speaking to MS today to cancel the service call.

As a person who plays a lot of car games and games in general, this (should), be sorted out as your launch might have the above bug that know one is getting at the moment but will do in the future.

Even if you say I can’t drive and I am playing the game completely wrong, then that’s great.