Late to the party, FM5 is a big let down(yeah I know old news)

I’ve been playing forza since the first game, and before that it was Gran turismo. I’m a massive racing and car fan and after logging about 300 hours into forza 4 I moved onto pc racing because I didn’t feel like dealing with xbone and its drm, kinetic spy box overall shadiness of everything. Well I found a deal on an xbone that came with forza 5 and said screw it, I can’t wait to get back to what I really loved doing almost more than driving. making drift tunes, and paint jobs. (inc wall of text)

I’m sure this has been beaten to death since the game is a year old, but I hope t10 can hear more about it, because this is just a hot damn mess.

First of all, I do appreciate the new physics, I suppose coming from playing Pc for the last year the graphics are nothing amazing, but they seem better than I remember fm4, it has some fun attached, but more-so a bunch of frustration…

The car lot is pretty messy, what was wrong with having a menu with the car manufactures? yeah i noticed I could sort them and right bumper brings you to the front of each, but one thing glaring is it seems almost every one has more DLC cars than what came with the game. I’ve read speculations the storefront was taken down so people wouldn’t be able to make game money from it and in turn have to buy dumb micro transaction tokens,. I see this as valid, because right now I’m driving around in circles on the indy oval to make money so I can buy cars and screw around, but while I enjoy designing cars, some of the anime characters I made would take over 40 hours, and to say I did it just for the lawls is not true.

Its insanely tedious to draw in vector and do it just for hopes of people finding it and using it, then getting some little chunk of money in your mailbox is just beyond dumb and I won’t be spending any insane time on these creations. Putting a car up for auction in fm3 and watching people having a bidding war over it was well worth the time spent, or having 100’s of downloads and millions in your messages everyday was worth the effort. I’m not going to lie, I do graphic design for a business and while I love art, I don’t design stuff for free for customers and I’m not going to draw cars for the hell of it when it can take ungodly tedious hours to make these characters. I’m not god’s gift to forza paint, but I think I did ok. I’m just so [Mod edit - WSD - {Profanity] they took this function out and left everything such a mess. This is the last car I did in forza 4, it took about 60+ hours having 3 different bleach characters drawn out, I just can’t bring myself to start a new project with the state of how this game is…

The menus are just all over the place, I can’t find anything in one place like my storefront, there’s no way for someone to go and look at all my tunes, photos and videos in an easy to find location just super bummed on how this game turned out and its a 100 steps back from any previous game. There are no tracks left that used to be my favorite drift spots, I understand a company has to make money 100% I would rather pay 80 bucks for a game if thats what it comes down to, instead of feeling extremely forced to use micro transactions and then spend 50+ more dollars on cars, that I can only assume could and should just come with the damn game. DLC isn’t going away I’ve come to grips with that long ago, its an unfortunate side effect of how gaming works, a meaningful expansion to the game is one thing, but just buying more cars or tracks that are most likely already on the disc is just dumb, this is why I much prefer playing games on the Pc… mods, mods, and mods.

TLDR? = Give me a storefront, let me sell my designs, give me my mountain back, forza5 really went in a stupid direction /rant…


I’m right there with you. This game is such a step back from what the others were. I have a horrible feeling we all paid for the beta version of Horizon 2 and FM6. Turn 10 has been MIA with this game since mid June. I have a horrible feeling they’re hoping we’ll all come running back when they release FM6. Personally. I’ll not waste another dollar on a Turn 10 product. It was one of the two reasons I chose the Xbox one.


Guys how is possible to produce something so bad? I was a Forza racer since Forza 2 with lot of tournments and lots of friends to share cars with. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

  • No Marketplace for cars, setups and designs
  • very messy car clessification
  • No possible to send setups to friends
  • No “replay” in online mode (the only good thigs after races with friends was to look at replays also to check the rules have been respected)
  • it is “almost” never possible to create our own lobby for race session because of server problems. In our Group we play always with our limitations and never use standard classes (A,B,D,S,X)
  • very few and useless cars compared to F4 (why these vans?? Who uses them it is not a racing game?)
  • even the painting feature is very bad since if you use one tone undernith the leyers with different colors it will olways be bossible to see what is under the leyers in some spots.
  • why all cars can instal this 6,0L 485Kw engine? what is the reason?
  • but the biggest downturn is that after years of waiting F4 managed to have some Porsches that have desappeared again.

After one year now never plaing Forza any more because of Forza 5, I am now switching to GT6 that still seems to be a racing game.

Why turn 10 is moving on the same direction with both games? Both Forza5 and Horizon are now arcade games. Was not more cleaver to differentiate the games just keeping the same phisics, so as to capture both markets for those the only play fast on arcade and real “racing simulation fans” that need less frills and much more consistent game…please keep the vans and SUV only in the Horizon version. Thank you


Feel better now? Its good to vent.

I can’t paint. I used to however love browsing storefronts an AH for paints and I used to love showing the cars off. It sucks that a bunch of the really good painters have given up.

As for credits, they come buy easily via leveling up your driver and affinity level. I have over $70 million and I’ve literally tried to spend it all on cars but I could barely make a dent. Forza Rewards hands out a bunch of credits.

feel better? no not really and yes it sucks. If money is so easy to come by then I can’t even imagine why they would get rid of something so unique to any game and that functioned so well.

Simple answer is time.

They didn’t have enough time to re-engineer many of the features that made the Forza series great on the next gen platform. I think they choose not to concentrate on this stuff in order to provide something new so nobody accused them of re-packaging FM4 or other title on next gen …So instead they (sort of) built everything from the ground up in order to provide "next gen physics and next gen graphics. They worked on Forzavista for all cars because 1) it was new and 2) it focuses attention to the great next gen graphics.

The great community features that differentiated the series didn’t make the cut. I can’t imagine they will be left out of FM6 again but you never know. Turn 10 seems to have a lot of work to do to keep the Forza Series on par with it’s new competitor. (of course that remains to be seen but we’ll know more in March)


FM5 was sort of my first Forza game - well, more or less, I got FM4 and Horizon 1 a couple of months before XB1 and FM5 came out - and from my perspective I can’t find too many things to complain about. I guess it’s different if you’ve followed the series since a while, like many of you here have. I might have been disappointed, too. Maybe not, who knows.
I’m one of those who thinks the early changes to the in game economy made things much better for those who have limited time time to spend on gaming and can’t afford to spend more than one or two hours a day playing or play just occasionally. I also found the added tracks to be a very nice gift and I do appreciate the effort of trying to make good with the fans. I also thought Greenawalt’s explanations of how they were under the pressure to deliver a finished racing game at launch and had to do all the cars and tracks from scratch were believable and sufficient in explaining why there were so ‘few’ tracks and cars at first. The next game is gonna have more tracks, just like it happened in the previous generation. I think it’s a pity to start with so few in FM5 (compared to FM4), but I understand why that is and I don’t think they held anything back. My gripes with the games are minor. I agree about the car lot being not so user friendly and some of the menu things are much more time consuming than necessary, I miss more customization options for free races (design your own championship -kind of settings) and I really, really don’t like the soundtrack. I do like classical music very much, but this score is just bad. It’s overly poppy classic, trying too much to be catchy, really badly arranged. While I think classical music fits, this particular cheese-classic doesn’t.
I’ve always had it off.
The great things about the game are things like the drivatars, which work quite well, I haven’t seen a better AI in racers yet, the fantastic driving feel and physics, the moments where the graphics really shine (Bernese Alps, Prague) and the general attention to detail in terms of differences in car handling, sound (which is fantastic) and other general things like things you see on the tracks (love the graffiti on the Ring), the blinding sun after coming out of a lengthy turn and the whole ambience and atmosphere. The way the career mode is done is pretty good too and I personally like the Top Gear moments. But one of the absolute best things for me was the fantastic use and integration of the new rumble motors in the controllers. That is just phenomenally useful and fun. I really ‘listen’ to my hands to feel the car ‘talk’ back to me, it’s an additional channel to receive feedback over. Brilliant idea, I really missed that on other racers (FH2 for example uses this way less or almost not at all), I know when the car is about to become unstable or whenever I’m breaking too hard, all this is now easily readable. I played FM4 some days ago and really missed this. It’s like a completely different experience. Well, long story short, after about a year of playing FM5, I still love to try and better my times in the rivals mode or finish some of the bonus races in the championships and am still not bored of it, just because the driving feels so satisfying. I do miss some new tracks, yeah, but I’m alright with what’s there and hope we’ll get an FM6 in the not too distant future. Which will probably take care of a lot of peoples complaints like missing weather, more tracks, balanced in game economy, more cars etc.

You like the career? How? I’ve never heard anyone say they actually like it.

The economy changes were stupid. Credits are useless now. You don’t have to play much to make a ton of credits. Its not a grind like in other forzas.

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I liked the economy best in FM4, took me months to get all the cars I wanted. I also found it really fun to look for deals on the AH, some cars I could find for really cheap and that was great because credits weren’t so easy to come by. I actually felt like I achieved something when I finally bought that 10 million dollar Ferrari. After playing FM5 for about a month or two I had all the cars I wanted which equals about 150. After a year of playing FM5 I now have 100 million credits and counting with nothing to use them for and I have only played the game about 400 hours according to my stats which I don’t think is very much.

I also found career mode to be incredibly boring so I spend my time racing online multiplayer. FM5 does have its downfalls but it is still IMO the best racing game for Xbox One currently and the physics are quite good for a console game.

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I miss Forza… Playing Forza 5 just isnt doing it for me and have to force myself to play each week, where as on 3 and 4 i had to force myself to STOP playing every day before i got a divorce! Without ranting (its been done to death so many times), all ‘most’ of us old hands wanted was FM5 to be FM4 with some extra features and shiny new cars and nice new menus. Not been too worried about lack of cars, but lack of track ribbons, and for those of us that keep Forza going online with private organised series its missing sooooo many features that we found useful such as grid order by lobby points, distance meters etc. Damn, back in FM 3 we used to have 5 lobbies or more running at the same time! 30 or 40 entrants were common place, now im luck to have 5 or 6 in total! Lets hope 6 brings back all the things that brought most us together in the first place. The Motorsport in the title of the series is the missing bit :wink: Im hoping i dont get too converted to PCars in the spring as its good on the PC (on the older beta build i have) :frowning: PLEASE listen T10, i know sometimes some people go off on one; but most of us are die hard FANS and spent a fortune on it over the years and just want it to be what i deserves to be


I challenge folks complaining about FM5 to name console racing games that don’t have “Forza” in their title that are better altogether, not better in certain regards, and to elaborate on how that is.

How about Driveclub and its fifty cars (versus 200 for FM5 before DLC,) thirty frames per second, outdated AI, and more arcadey physics? How does Driveclub stack up versus FM5 in terms of number of race events, online community, livery editor, upgrading and tuning, et cetera? How about arcade racers like Need for Speed? How about Gran Turismo and the 80% of its content imported directly from PlayStation 2, lack of a livery editor, no auction house, outdated AI, and “races” that aren’t really races but rather a parade of slower cars strung out for half a mile ahead of you for you to overtake?

This franchise dominates the console racing genre without peer. Even when factoring in things we’ve lost from previous games, some of which (car count and tracks) being a realistic necessity to lose due to time/budget constraints, FM5 still has no better and not even an equal on any console. Let’s knock it off with the drama queen tirades about how disappointing FM5 allegedly was.



If it wasn’t a disappointment then there wouldn’t be these repetitive threads with fairly similar and reasonable observations, a substantial drop after only a few months in quality players online, and difficulty in finding numerous quality paints for one random car. The forums wouldn’t have died well before a year after the game came out either and my racing buddies would still be playing. If the problems weren’t that bad then online racing with friends and randoms would still be good (like FM4 to this day) and the forums would still be quite active.

Everyone for the most part knows FM has no equal on console; hence why people constantly bring up project cars in the hopes that it’ll force FM to get back to what made it great. On next gen Forza has the least terrible games. There’s no unanimously brilliant game out there for racing…yet.

The silver lining though is that the physics and detailing for the most part are really good which in part probably isn’t helping with the disappointment.


Well I’ve been playing project cars on pc for over a year I got in on it when it was still a kickstarter and I get weekly updates, its looking damn good for an actual driving sim and the graphics are amazing. It will be around in March on consoles, I don’t know what the port will look like, but the point has nothing to do with something better out there at all.

My post is about the lack of features and them removing pretty much everything I enjoyed about the old games and this one seeming unfinished. Like I said, I appreciate the new car physics and it is fun to drive, but that only gets me so much enjoyment when I would rather sim race on the PC, those are actual simulations.

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You make a compelling argument… If I cared about the other games… I left PS3 and Gran Turismo a long time ago and became intimately familiar with the Forza world, starting with Forza 4. So, for me, and for many others here, we have one thing that we’re comparing Forza 5 to, and that’s previous Forza games. You’re right, the other platform games do not compare, so I don’t.

I’ve said it a billion times, a gaming company cannot release a new version of a game and have DRASTICALLY less of EVERYTHING and expect people to be happy. You just can’t do that. But they did. And their expectation is that we would simply be blown away by the graphics, period. IMO, they didn’t think this whole thing through very well. Even Dan alluded to that in an early interview after all the negative backlash was inundating the forums. He didn’t think we would focus on the content in ‘comparison’ to the previous games. And as I’ve said before, I can live with the track and car count. It’s stupid that it’s less, but I have enough cars to represent all of the different car types. What I cannot let go of is the countless missing features and options. It makes the game infuriating to navigate. And some of the big missing features were forgone for the sake of trying to make us buy tokens.

Long story short, comparing Forza 5 to previous Forzas is logical. And if you do so, Forza 5 comes up way short.


Have to agree with the OP, this game isn’t a patch on any of the previous games and I’ve been playing Forza since day one, plus I’ve always gotten the Limited Editions of the game.
Even though Forza 4 had the DLC’s I didn’t mind as at the start you got a load of cars on the two discs then came along the others each month which I waited for, loved the game as it was complete for me, I spent many months in the paint shop designing, everything flowed and you could choose so quickly None of this waiting round and delays like in F5, when finished I could stick it up in my Storefront or Auction house and watch the credits roll in , I have 9 cars most downloaded, did have 11 but Forza messed up and deleted two of them, I had the highest rated design until hated raters down rated it, was on turn 10’s top 10 rated and downloaded for weeks at a time, it was an enjoyable game, I used to get home from work and play on it, either designing or racing with the guys online, was and still is one of my favorite games of all time, certainly in my top 3, but F5 was a huge let down, even more than Gran Turismo 5 was on the PS3, not even a 1/3 of a game, 14 tracks (can’t count test track as it’s not a proper track), less cars than on disc one of Forza 4, menu that definitely needs sorting out, who ever came up with that idea need shooting, I go to buy a car and if I want a Subaru or TVR I have to go through just about every car to get to them, stupidity, it was done like that so it seems like there’s a load of cars, and now it won’t be having anymore DLC’s because they are concentrating of Horizons 2, No wonder it’s on Xbox One’s market place for £20.
But do have to defend them a little as I know they had to get it ready for Xbox One’s release date and wasn’t given a lot of time but turning round and saying we’ve got two new tracks for you and were giving them away for free is somewhat of a slap in the face, where are all the other tracks, Gran Turismo 6 has 40 tracks, Plus where’s my Porsche pack, I feel like I’ve been ripped off with this game.
Forza 6 better be better than this with more cars and more tracks at the release date or it’s gonna be a flop.

The career races are way to short,lap wise,making the drivatars bad.You had to crash and bash your way to a win resulting in drivatars learning bad behavior.


Yes, Forza 5 has it’s flaws, but it’s far more a simulation than Forza 4. I just played 4 and it’s an arcade racer with fake physics. Look how accurate the tracks are in FM5 . Nordschleife was a mess in FM4, to long and full wrong. Now it’s like the real one and you can really compare your performance with the laps of real racers:

It’s much easier to earn credits in Free- or Rivalsmode than in the career mode, which sucks. One round Nordschleife with GP is one Level up, if you play with only one opponent or 15. That are 35.000 without and double credits with VIP plus the other credits. I find it far more motivating than get car gifts every two or three races and dozens of cars after few hours racing.

So many DLC cars are frustrating, because you think, they are better and I bought this 6-carpacks-bundle a couple of weeks ago, but I still more like to drive the stock cars. For example the Ultima GTR is high in the leaderboards, but so hard to handle, I like the Pagani Zonda C far more. The F50 is still the best car in S class for me, the Mazda 787b the best in P, the Ferrari 312T the best in R and so on. The stocks are far good enough for 100+ hours gameplay and after that it’s okay, if you pay real money for more. I even bought a Thrustmaster TX for FM and it was worth it.

I agree with the OP on most points, I too loved the AH and SF in FM2 FM3 and FM4 and spent countless hours designing and tuning cars, and enjoyed selling them, or gifting them to friends, I purchased all content DL that was avaible for all Forza games, Except FH2, I find there was no incentive for me to pay for the extra cars, if selling or gifting was not avalible, I did purchase the season pass (car Packs) in FM5, but that was before I realized there was no gifting or AH… I still find myself going back to Forza 4 to enjoy selling a few cars in the AH… great times.LOL. The option is there to gift cars in FM5 and FH2 its done by T10, they just never saw fit to let us have that option
Without a SF and/or AH or at least gifting in FM6 I will think twice about purchasing that one, time will tell.

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Harsh. Your all remembering previous forzas with rose tinted spectacles. The game has moved on and improved. I played 4 several week backs and found it wooden with no life in the cars suspenssion. Im really impressed with how much the physics have improved. Not to mention 3 new and amazing tracks, bathurst,nordsliefe and the amazing prague. I was bored by all others by one year but 5 still draws me back and intrigues me. Great cars, tracks, physics enough said.

there is a problem I see here with peoples references to recycled models and GT as the example, even if T10 used the exact same models from forza 3 they are leaps and bounds ahead of what GT recycled. you even see forza 3 models ripped into pc sims as mods and the models are fantastic, im sure alot of people would be happy with that level of detail (i know i would). besides alot of the content from forza to forza is recycled anyway.

yes three new tracks, but how many have we lost? i have recently gone back to playing some forza 2, 3 and 4 on my fanatec wheel, driving the old new york, sidewinder, rally di positano, fujimi kaido, infineon, maple valley, iberian, camino, ladera curcuits. so many tracks have been lost, and some that are very iconic to the franchise like maple valley and camino vejerio, new york too. i can tell you right now in the week or so i went back to them i put in more time than i have on F5 to date,( i have the TX wheel for F5 as well and honestly the package of F5 doesnt compare to even F3 even if it has bathurst). some sims on the PC have been around for many years and they dont charge for a new game when they add new features, tweak some physics and update some graphics, on PC thats just called an UPDATE. I have no issues paying for new content like cars and tracks but for minor things like graphics and physics i just cant justify paying for a new game so often anymore, let alone new peripherals too, its a joke. i cant wait for the day we see a Forza Motorsport on PC.

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