LaRacer might be the most annoying character I've encountered in a video game

I mean seriously, you’re trying to get all the stars and she’s just screeching on in the obnoxious prissy American girl voice about subscribers, dead memes, fake youtuber reactions, subscribers, more subscribers…

Embodiment of a cringe compilation.

Couldn’t they have gone for someone less insufferable to give you the challenges?

Wish they’d bring back bucket lists challenges instead of female youtubers to appeal to the 14 year old boys…


I was struggling to 3 start the Lancia Delta mission. I quit after 3 tries because I couldn’t take her incessant “pace notes” during the mission.

Basically I agree, I cant stand her.




reminded me of Nova from that other racing franchise… Also super annoying


It is the same voice actor.

I thought the exact same thing so I looked into it; Janine Harouni is listed for each. How does someone with that voice get into voice acting? Acting? Stand-up comedy? ::shudder::

I think all the characters that talk through the story/game are completely annoying. Even when you do the barn finds, its just so cheesy and cringey… all of it is.

All I wanted to do, was skip all that and go racing. But no, you’re stuck listening to it.


Completely agree. Can’t stand the whole social media/youtuber/streamer personality.

The actual concept and events are really cool and a great half hour or so of nostalgia. Just a massive shame that the best (so far) horizon story has been dresssed up in an utterly unbearable outfit.

On a more positive note though, the drift story character is fanstastic. I’ll be replaying through that part of the game more than once.


Which is but one reason I think we need a 0 setting for the voice overs as well as for the radio. The current setting of 1 is still quite loud, even when the vehicle sounds are set to the highest setting.

Unfortunately, I have resorted to completely muting all audio at this point. As much as I miss the sounds of the vehicles, I do not miss the incessant unnecessary chatter.


Totally agree, I was trying to skip every cut scene. Please add that option in the future!


No skipping cut scene and results screen is so 1990s. Now you are forced to check on those because you know they added clothing for you to see. If you just skip you can’t ‘enjoy’ that part of the ‘racing’ game, no?

Same with game volume, why would we get a Zero (0) volume for anything? It is not like today we run our own music or anything while playing, no? Well at least I do. And getting repetitive ‘input’ during any game event is extremely annoying, give us a 0 volume for those too!

But on the unskippable animation, I mean everyone want 15 seconds of them after a 15 seconds drag race before getting back into it trying to beat a score, no? I mean making the process 3 times longer than it should be is fun, no? Especially if you get warmed up but those delays just get you out of the ‘zone’.

But no, those need to be there to see your yellow cowboy hat, pink short, lime green rubber boot silly animation while the computer count your superb 5000CR and 2800 Influcence. Yup, seeing the score go from 0 to 5000 CR is such a rewarding to make me warm and fuzzy about my results, not!. How about seeing my influence and race category bar grow for like the 300 times, I am just amazed each time. Please give me more! [NOT!]

[Sorry but that part of the game is totally bumming me up, why when I want to race do I have to sit thru all this? For instance, I end-up going to Horizon Hub instead of any of the house just because at least there I am not forced to watch my car park in front of the house each time I get in. So essentially making owning house even less relevant or useful.]



I’ve seen posts on here where people are attracted to her voice, I’m in the middle, her voice is quite accurate to the annoying streamers/youtubers twaddle. I wish they could have persuaded iy0na off mixers Xbox interactive channel to do the voice, I could listen to her all day long!

edit: I agree with xLiMiiiTzx, the Welsh character in the drift story is good.


I usually mute my entire computer and browse on my 2nd monitor. Then I just alt tab back in after like 30 seconds.

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I either haven’t encountered her, or don’t remember her… But are you sure? I saw some other thread where the OP was totally in love with her… wanted to have her baby; or something like that.


She’s very annoying. I’ve wondered do they allow her to yap so much because the challenge is loading or they actually think it was a good idea for her to have those long speeches


Some cutscenes make for interesting movies cues. But we need a real partrner/bro in the game and proper rivals for each category of racing.
Also all those comments and car facts that we see here or wikipedia or comments that are not used as in-game car descriptions is such a waste of good knowledge

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This person feels the exact opposite about La racer


I think that person may need a jacket, if you know what I mean😉

I’ve noticed on barn finds there appears to be two different voices, one more resembling the dude from fh3, and one annoying.

You have two tipsters for Barn Finds: the fellow who runs the Offroad Races, and the other guy is the one who sets up the unsanctioned Street Racing scene.

Jaimin (from Street Scene) handles the more “hipster” cars, and Alex (from Dirt Series) handles the classic stuff.

Funny thing about Jaimin is he doesn’t know what some of the cars are. He was clueless about the XJ220 and the Speed 12.

Teenager vs Adult

Round 1


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