Lapped back markers Ghost?

Hi guys, just raced my first S class race in multiplayer hoppers in over one week and it seems the back markers are ghost.
I raced on Sebring wet and was in first position from lap one.

I was quick and came up on the back markers after one lap.

I was cautious when overtaking expecting the worst…
One guy who i passed clean, out braked himself into turn 3 and i expected the worst… but he flew straight through me!!!

I couldnt believe it.

To test it out i intentionally ran straight into a guy in 19th and went straight through him…
( he was crawling about 40mph down the home straight)

Can anybody confirm the above??

Im very happy if this is the case : )

Thanks T10.

Enjoy your weekend guys, im off to play some GT leagues now.

This would be amazing (but unlikely) and I’m not home to test it. Can anyone confirm?

I may actually put Destiny back down and start racing online again if this is the case!

I don’t think this is the case; in A class I had a pair of lapped limos and a CTS-V smoke me 3 times and erase a 14 second lead. Mad didn’t even begin to describe it, as I had been so close to a win only to have it taken away from me by a pack of cadillac-driving trolls.