Language localization

Even at Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 7, or earlier, I was plagued by garbled characters of Japanese kanji.

In Forza Horizon 4 please choose the Japanese font that the feeling is not garbled.

For us Japanese, it is very important for gaming experience.

The figure below shows an example of garbled characters in Kanji in Forza 7.


Hi, I would like to ask if FH4 it will be translated in Italian or not because FH1 and FH2 had been completely translated into Italian, while FH3 was translated only for subtitles. I hope FH4 is translated completely into Italian because the lack of translation of FH3 has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many Italian players even if the game is wonderful.
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The Fact Sheet from E3 states the following:

"“Forza Horizon 4” will featured localized text in the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico and Spain), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian Traditional Chinese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Polish.

“Forza Horizon 4” will feature full localized voiceover support for English, French, German, Spanish (Mexico) and Portuguese (Brazil)."

I’ll post here my question because i think is better than open a new thread, but… why spanish (mexico) and not the standard one and use it for spain and all latin america? Its weird to have the game in english while its voice localizated in spanish… but since FH2, horizons are in english

Wonder why the Italian economy is decreasing…

@Manteomax thank you for the reply.
I am very sad. I was hoping for a complete translation

Why not Greek text?

Change language for Forza Horizon 4 Demo on PC?
I already know the answer is probably the same as the last Forza games, change you Windows language to change the game language, but honestly that’s pretty bad.

With the huge amount of configuration and settings available in the game, how can they overlook something so basic? Parts of my OS in in French for obvious reason (date/currency format, keyboard input). Thing is, the display language of my OS isn’t even in French, it’s using the English language pack. Still, the game start in French, and with a broken one at that. I always play my games and watch my movies and tv shows in English to get the original voices actors, I’m used that way, why can’t I play Forza in English without switching settings in the OS that I don’t want to change?

This is more of a suggestion/feedback post than a question, please Microsoft, add this setting in the final build of the game!

I just played the FH4 Demo and while the game itself looks and feels great so far, the German translation is actually WORSE than the one in FH3. Xbox’s translations whether it be their games or the system itself feel very lackluster imo. They missed all the puns, some quite unfitting word choices here and there, the dub is async with the talking on the screen, in the quest with the Stunt driver it just cuts off half a sentence to open the map, some unfitting pronunciations here and where (especially when it comes to names… Anna says my name Tim with a pronunciation which really feels out of context) and why does Anna suddenly not speak formerly (Du instead of Sie, doesn’t exist in English) to you anymore, like a navigation system should be? All the Horizon games before did that!

There’s no option in-game to change language? I can’t understand why devs don’t want to give us ability to change language. In FM7 I can choose whatever language I want.
Polish translation of FH3 also has many flaws and some symbols are completely missing. For example, instead of co-leader icon next to your nickname, there is empty rectangle: ▯.

I’m Turkish gamer, and as you guys probably know you can play the game in Turkish but I don’t want to the translition is not bad don’t get me wrong but I played Forza in English for a really long time. And now I want to change the language of the game without changing the console language. Is there a way to do that?

Hey all, so my question is, since the entire team was so passionate about britian and creating it, making it as real as possible, i can only think of how we were not able to change the language in horizon 3…

now of course, this would only be an issue for non english speaking people in theory, but me for example, a fellow petrolhead and gamer from germany, would absolutely love to play horizon 4 in english, since the british accents would make it so much better and so much more real… i feel like this would be missed potential…

so my question is, will there be a language selection option or is there one already? it would make the game so much more better for people who like the english language but are not from britian/america… i also honestly would not mind downloading another 10 - 20gb of audio files and other files to make it into the english language…

so my appeal would be to please hear me out and consider this? maybe someone will read this who has someone from the forza team who he could pass this over to so the team gets a hold of this idea/suggestion =)

Greetings from a fellow german petrolhead and gamer ! See you all on the 28th on the great roads of britian =)

I’m not sure what you are asking here, the game already features British accent commentary.

Is it possible to change language? I want to play the original version, in english, not the language of the country I’m in.


I came here for the same reason as blackhole552.

I’m French, my Forza Horizon 4 demo was played in French, and I never was able to change that language anywhere during it.

The dubbing is so bad and “cringy” that I want to set it in english ASAP, even if I don’t really care about the scenario at all.


You can change the game language by changing the date format. Go to windows settings > Additional date, time, & regional settings > Region > Formats, change format from whatever it is You have there to English.

I really appreciate that Microsoft even supports small countries like Hungary with a translation, but… can we have an option please to choose between languages? I want to enjoy this game in English. The Hungarian translation is kinda ok overall, but it has some issues as i see. Maybe with an update in the near future it will be available for everyone to choose a different language?

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I’m playing the Russian version and I really do not like the British accent. I can somehow change to French? (XboxOne)

Thankfully you can change it to English. Go to system settings on thr dashboard, then / System / Language & location. Switch everything to English, especially Location and Language. Restart your Xbox and bam, the game will run in English.

I would still really appreciate if we could change it within the game. The Hungarian translation constains a few very serious mistranslations, one of them exactly prevents players to complete this week Forzathon event because of a misleading information… -.- !!!

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